Time for some OXYGEN.

So last month as we've all blogged before, we went to OXYGEN's launch of their PFW Holiday 2011 collection. Now we can show you guys what really happened behind the scenes as well as a sneak peak of what's coming to your favorite OXYGEN stores.:)

I think they're more of streetwear avant garde..so very Paradigm Shift! Hehe. I kept on telling Ana, "This is so Karl" or "This is so Mike", hehe! Of course, we had to try on some of them! And surprisingly, they are very wearable. There's just about something for everyone.

love the cropped blazer & dress!

We then tried on clothes from their menswear line--so versatile the styles!
we both wore oxygen tops as dress:)

Love the cropped jacket Krissy is wearing! Also from Oxygen

Love the 2 toned shirt worn by Melai and the vest worn by Ava.

group pic! *bonggang turtle neck top wurn by Aie also from Oxygen!*

Will be watching Oxygen's show at PFW. Can't wait! And see you there!:)


  1. All you ladies look so beautiful and stylish! Ano yung shoes ni Melai? They look like Converse with platforms? cute!

  2. bet ko na ang oxygen ha!

  3. wow you all look gorgeous! :)


  4. sooo lovely sexy clothes!

  5. special mention? hahahahaha. love! nakakaba ang oxygen. pasabog!

  6. I'm now an Oxygen convert!!!:)


  7. ang sweeeettttt .. thanks sa mention madams! love u. i love this post. ill buy the grey cover up once available na yan hehe


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