Singapore Diaries: Universal Studios + Bye Bye

Finally, my last post on my Singapore trip last week. I decided to make a separate entry coz I took a lot of photos. Heh. So here's how much fun I had...

top-esprit, shorts-vintage thrifted, boots-Primadonna, bag-Fabmanila, necklace-Rubi

way to MRT
alighted at Sentosa's Harbourfront station

So we decided to go against the crowd and went right to Hollywood Boulevard first. We ran to our 1st show which was "Lights, Camera, Action". There was a stage and they basically showed how special effects in movies are done--in our case a hurricane in New York. SO COOL.

off we go! being ushered inside the studio
greetings from Tito Steven! haha
fire effect--bongga!

It was pretty cool and Mich loved it. We then headed to the SCI-FI section afterward. But before that...

cue Empire State of Mind song haha
We didn't really enjoy the Sci-fi section coz there were just scary looking roller coasters with people screaming, so we passed. We went straight to The Mummy!

lost in translation
Their ride Revenge of the Mummy is the SHIZ!!! I love it to death that I dragged Mich 3x to ride it again. Imagine a rollercoaster ride na brownout, with fire fire effects pa. Lol..

Next stop: The Lost World.

Tried the Rapid Adventures. It's a river raft ride which is guaranteed to get you wet. I already read that somewhere when I was making our itinerary, so I asked Mich to buy plastic raincoats for $2 each. I was sweating like crazy but it's better than getting my things wet. So... It was the best $2 buy ever. Haha. We wanted to try the Canopy ride after but the line was super long so we just took photos and left.

camwhoring sa cr, bored lng
At 12 noon we checked out Waterworld, but there's nothing going on as the next show was at 1pm. So we decided to visit Far,Far,Away Land first.

Shrek and Fiona's castle! We went inside to watch the Shrek 4-D show. It was awesome. ;)
If we only had enough time I would have tried it again. :) The show ended just a few minutes before the Waterworld show so Mich and I had to run coz we wanted to get good seats. HehOn our way there, we ran across Puss in Boots!!!

Yes, he even stopped and waved for me! *Swoons* hehe

Okay, so here's a warning. When watching this show you should really be careful as to where you sit. They have the wet, splash and dry zone. Mich and I sat at the Splash Zone. It was not the best idea but we sure had fun! I was laughing the whole time. LOL. If you want to sit at the wet zone be prepared to get out soaking really really really wet--and it's not even the start of the show yet. Here's what happens...

The actors interact with the audience. They go around and tease people.

And literally throw water at them or hose then down. Hahaha

And don't even try to open your umbrella. They will see you. Haha

Amazing effects, set design and acting!

Went to Madagascar after! And we were just in time for the mascot's dance! Soooo cute.

I have a video but file is too big to upload. But I swear--TOO CUTE. Hehe. I wasn't able to take a photo with them since Mich was on the verge of a major tantrum because of food deprivation. Lol. So we headed to the nearest resto.

$6 meal but it was worth it. Huge serving! I ordered the chili burger

Cute girls singing 50s songs outside the diner.

..and them too boys.

After our late lunch, we then watched the Monster Rock. You could skip this though. It's not that amazing.

Went back to Madagascar to try out their Madagascar water ride. It was cute but it's for children and unloading of the boats/wooden rafts took forever.

Before leaving we had our photos taken with the scifi girls...

...and Po!!!! Awww.

We got there at around 11am and left at around 4. I can say it was just enough to discover the whole place. Had to run to Bugis for some last minute shopping (before our 8pm flight) so we left early. Will definitely go back again soon but with my family!

That's it! Here's where my Singapore posts end. Hope you enjoyed reading and to those who are going there--hope you were able to take notes! Hehe. You could email me for any more questions. I'd be glad to help and assist. So there. I miss you already Singapore!

 ...and your spicy chicken burger and iced milo. Sigh. Why can't we have this here. WHYYYY.

P.S. Thank you again to everyone who were part of the Bloggers Bazaar last Friday!!! I wasn't able to take photos since I was so busy, but you can check out our facebook page for links to other blogger's posts!:) Enjoy!
P.P.S. My 2 giveaways just ended! Will post 2 more this week!:)


  1. omg! Its so fun! Heres to hopin that i can visit singapura this year!! I will never gonna skip universal studio! :) and oohh i love your outfit! :>

  2. I enjoyed reading this post. Got a bit envious of you haha! Nasa bucket list ko na ang pagpunta ng Singapore! :)

    CONGRATS AGAIN on the successful BU! :)

  3. i love this entry, and great outfit pax :) sobrang namiss ko ang sg dahil dito, wala pang roller coaster (yung red and blue) nung november! :)) Fave ko lost in translation pic <3 :)

  4. looks like so much fun! all the pics were cute :)


  5. natawa naman ako sa photo with the dinosaur egg! haha!

    i'm still on a Bloggers United Bazaar high! galing niyo, pax!

  6. Their ride Revenge of the Mummy is the SHIZ!!! I love it to death that I dragged Mich 3x to ride it again. Imagine a rollercoaster ride na brownout, with fire fire effects pa. Lol..

    youre so funny I swear!! :)) one of the many reasons why I love you!!

  7. it was great meeting you at the blogger's event! i also went to singapore last week and the mummy ride is the best!! love your outfit too :)

  8. it was great meeting you at the blogger's event! i also went to singapore last week and the mummy ride is the best!! love your outfit too :)

  9. This looks like sooo much fun! your blog is hella adorable btw <3 FOLLOWED. keep it up!


  10. So much fun! Your pictures just made me remind me of one of the best family vacations I've had, my Marilyn M. hangs on the wall as I post!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  11. i feel like a kid reading this!

  12. cool.so like it.



  13. i love your photos! will actually be going to singapore next month and be visiting universal studios! It really is great out there, thanks for the posts!! will definitely know wer to go :D

  14. adorable photos, pax! :)

  15. Nice pix. I miss SG. You should comeback for the Grand Singapore Sale! That is uberrr F-U-N. Love your blog Pax. :)

  16. thanks blog sisters!!! i love you all!:)

  17. nakakaloka ka!!! Pero ang kabog sa post na ito ay ang mcdo! Ang loyal mo teh!


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