Singapore Diaries: Day 3 & 4

Here's my 2nd to the last post on my Singapore trip last week! Starting with what I wore on day 3. :)

Dress-Forever 21, bag-fabmanila, flats-janylin

We stayed in the posh Hangout@Mt.Emily hotel. Decent breakfast, finally!
Interiors of the famous resto Wildrocket:)

After breakfast we had tea and chilled at the balcony at the 2nd floor.
Love the zen type balcony. hehe

Me in the morning--very sabog--not very presentable. Haha

Waiting for the train, headed for Sentosa.:)
wearing Penshoppe's leather jackey!
Lunch at food republic, vivo city.
super yummy and super cheap for $5

love the interiors! reminds me of old china?:)
train to Sentosa Island
Day off lang haha
watched Flow Jam! so cool:)
waiting for the seal show at their oceanpark
dolphins <3
so cuuuute!

And can I just say, it's the best oceanpark I've ever been to (beats HK and Pinas) coz you can actually touch the fishes and stingrays! Here's me trying...

I was scared to touch these huge stingrays coz they might take my fingers as food! They're so hungry. :(

biggest fish i've ever seen, and i'm not talking about the guy in the scuba suit. Lol
fasyon stingray--mala leopard print???
biggest crab EVER
still in awe over these cuties!
the aquarium was HUGE and they have a walkalator
chillin with some lychee crushers
hello kuya! hahaha
desperate attempt to take photo but FAILED.
milk therapy, constipation attacks!
late night dinner at their 24 hours foodcourt

DAY 4!!! Orchard day!!!
lunch at food republic again, trying out thai food this time.

HUGE BEADS. It's you already kuya!!!
my favorite store and brand (as if afford haha)
came across an ongoing bazaar or flea market!!! but wasnt able to buy anything ;(
our favorite soya milo at Chinatown--the culprit.
buddhist temple.

I was wearing short shorts so I had to wear a sarong or cloth or whatever inside. Fasyon ba?  Mich was laughing at me as I was wearing this coz I looked totally lost and clueless. Haha.

Inside, it was AMAZING...

We then bought these 2 gold coins for 10sgd. We had to write our names down coz these would actually be placed on the temple's floor!

Mich's desperate attempt to take hers back coz she wanted to keep it. Look at her. LOL

I strayed away while Mich was trying to execute her plans (of course she failed), when she found me I was doing this...
and then laughed at me. Booo.
10000 buddhas
meditation garden:)

Our temple trip was one of the best things we ever did and best places we ever went to in Singapore. :) Then it's Bakwa time again. Mich is addicted. And I realized it's not so bad. Loved the spicy one!

We then met up with Mich's friend for dinner. And you know food makes me happy. Here's an evidence...
Naan with spicy eggplant + Chili Crab + Stingray (didnt eat this though, I just cant)

Night food market at Robinson road near Raffles mrt.

So that's it for now. Last  one would be about my Universal Studios visit and it was a crazy one. Hope you come back and check it out soon! My giveaways are ending soon so join now if you haven't already! But 2 more giveaways are coming up too. Yey.

P.S. The Blogger's Bazaar was a huge success. 
A big thank you to everyone who participated and came. :) You guys rock.:)


  1. Wow so much to see, That little seal is so so adorable!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. nice to know you visited temples while you were there! :) and mygosh, food and shopping galore!!! Inggiitt :P

  3. Looks like you had fun, love the stripped dress!!!! :)

    xo Emma


  4. cool. I liked it too.

  5. your jacket is from Penshoppe???! Wow! I want one!


  6. Lovely! How many shoes did you bring? ARe they all flats? :-)


  7. @kristine - i only brought 4 pairs! Should have brought 3 lang hehe. Yes all flats since we did a lot of walking and running hehe

  8. I can imagine! We have an overdue trip to SG sometime this century so the flats tip really help! :)

    The Glamarazzi

  9. "And you know food makes me happy. Here's an evidence..."

    haha tomooo! this is a much deserved vacation for both of you. =) miss u!!! more more click ako ng older post ang bili mo mag blog lol!


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