Singapore Diaries: Day 1&2

I've missed Singapore. It being clean, accessible, safe. So I was so ecstatic when the plane finally reached Singapore soil aka Changi airport. Hehe. After 3 years, I was back. :) I can't wait to explore it with Mich! Here are some photos I took...

Airport food. Yummy but overpriced hotdog for P90!

Air Philippines jet. It's surprisingly nice and it was a smooth ride.

Hello Singapore!
Love this botanical garden inside:)

MRT to the city. Love their ticketing system.

late night dinner at Burger King, Bugis. Their burgers and even onion rings taste better than ours.

So we spent the night at The Inn Crowd Backpacker's Hostel we wanted to save and we only needed someplace to stay for a few hours.  It was a whole new experience--a first for me-- and surprisingly it was not that bad. Yes, it was a little uncomfortable since you have to share bathroom with everyone else but as I said it was not that bad.:) We also opted for the private room, not the dorm type, so we were able to sleep soundly. What I love about it are the people you get to meet since apparently everyone here are "buddies". Hehe. Here's us eating our free breakfast with others...

 Common area where you can watch TV, surf the night or just chill.

I ate a lot. Haha.

Afterwards, we then headed to our hotel for 4 days--Hangout@Mt.Emily. It was the same hotel I stayed in 3 years ago and I'm happy to say that it's still it's charming old self.:)

MRT to little india

Why hello there old friend:)

This is where the famous resto Wild Rocket is located.

Hello room:) (Thanks to the receptionist, who was Pinoy by the way, who let us check in early)

It was a no frills hotel but we still love it nonetheless. So we explored...

Roof garden/deck on the top floor. I love!

you could sunbathe and cool down under that pool shower:)

reading area, tv area, billiards

free internet and free coffee and tea! hehe

a 5-minute walk to the nearest mrt includes a walk in the park:)

before riding the MRT, snacks first at Old Chang Kee!

We decided to do a city tour first--Esplanade, Merlion, etc. 
outside Raffles MRT station


A view of the Esplanade and Singapore Flyer

It was freaking hot so we bought their famous $1 ice cream. It's delish! I got red bean, Mich blueberry.

The Merlion was under construction! Haha so I got this photo of Marina Sands hotel instead.

We just walked and walked and discovered that you can reach any place by walking through their underground malls and passage ways. It's airconditioned too so it saved our life. Lol.Didn't shop much (I was on a self imposed ban) but we can't help but splurge on food and accs!

Sushi shopping
Hippie bracelets from Rubi for just $1-2 each!

the famous wishing fountain at Suntec

Hello Chinatown!

trying out the restos (chili crab) tomorrow!

cute chopstix! bought 2 pairs for $1 each

Late dinner at Chinatown. Yum. This noodles stall is super popular among locals and tourists!

Noodles for $5 (Mich and I shared and we weren't able to finish everything!)

So that's it for now. I'm seriously having a bad case of stomach cramps. I think I OD'd over Soya Milo Milk Tea. Blech. I also heard it's the end of the world tomorrow. Well, I'll be in Sentosa. I just hope they have a safe bunker over there. Well, I've always admired the SG government's disaster relief strategy/program, so.... Lol. Seriously, it has been the end of the world since I was like 8 years old. Still here! But whatever happens, I love you Lord and let thy will be done. :) See you tomorrow (if we'd all still be here, HAH).

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  1. ang gandaa! ano lasa ng ice cream na rectangle? hahaha miss na kita mommy pax! enjoy ka jan! pasalubong ko. ehehe mwah:*

  2. glad to see you're having a blast over there, Aisa! you deserve the vacation. :D

    boat ride through the sky

  3. you make me miss singapore sooo much! i haven't been back in ages and what i miss the most is the food! everything there is super good no? :)
    i remember the "3 days of darkness" issue back in the 80's! parang every decade there's and armageddon issue!

  4. woow...i've always wanted to go to singapore...perhaps next Xmas..if i get the chance..:)

  5. Nag bbreak heart ko looking at the pics...I wanna go back to SG with my bullies!!! :D Hahahah! Have fun sa food trip jan pax :) Nice outfits din ;)

  6. i really had fun reading this post, at medyo kaingit naman ang singapore trip!

  7. Ganda ng SG! And I want to try out that ice cream too, nakita ko kasi sya sa Amazing Race hehe. Have a blast there Pax!

  8. Waaaaaa I miss SG already!! Hehehe

  9. glad your enjoying singapore.

    i'm back to bloggin again, pax!!!

    i started a new one.

    missing you!

    catch g.

  10. i love your little photo diary of your trip. everywhere looks so modern, especially your hotel room! the food looks delicious, i think i overdose on milk tea even when i'm not on vacation.
    great outfits also!

  11. i love your outfit here!

    i'll be at the bloggers united event. :)

    followed your blog :)


  12. So nice pics!!

    "Clodet-Illustrations by Clau" www.clodet-illustrations.blogspot.com


  13. what a great post! Singapore reminds me a lot of Thailand, the street food, scenery etc. Do they really have Rubi!!?? I swear, I have that very same orange bracelet, but from here in Australia!

    Just happened to stumble upon your blog - you've got yourself a new reader :)

    come stop by sometime,

    x Lauren

  14. i want those hippie bracelets too! i want it in brown, black, and gray!!!

  15. i love what you're wearing! :D perfect for strolling and walking around singapore :)

  16. wow love all of these photos. Looks like so much fun! and you look sooo cute!

    love from San Francisco,

  17. Looks like a fun trip. All the food looks amazing - especially the noodles. Love your darling outfit too. You're one chic traveler. <3


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