Of Leather & Chanel

I'm so sad that I can't even take photos of my new Archive Clothing stocks. It's just here in our apartment, waiting for me to come pick them up and share them with you. Booo. So busy with a lot of things that there are days in which I feel I'm losing it. I just wanna have some decent sleep and eat normally. Lol. I can't wait for our Singapore vacay on the 19th! Anyway, been running around this week because of shoots and business meetings. It is very tiring but it is very worth it too. I still wouldn't have it any other way. Here's my outfit for the day!

 hehe sorry for the woozy hand
shirt-thrifted vintage, jacket-Penshoppe, skirt-SM, wedge-Chickflick

Found the Chanel shirt in a thrift shop more than a year ago. I'm not sure if it's real or not, but I do know it's beautiful. The gorgeous jacket by the way is a steal from Penshoppe!!!:)

After my meeting in Makati, I (with Mich) headed straight to SM-Megamall to pickup the piece of clothing I'd be using tomorrow for the Esprit event and the set of clothes my model would be wearing. Exciting! I took home this nice light pink breezy shirt.

I'd most probably wear it with a nice shorts with tights and blazer.

I also bought new skincare products...
I tried them both and the results are nice.

...and food.
new addiction! chewy cream puffs-- i love it.
Yum yum.

Oh and lookie!
with my bebe tin..styled her and 26 other youngsters.

i know you know what this shoot is for:)

P.S. Got featured on Smashion.com!:) 
Smashion® \'sma-shən\ noun. A social fashion site that features a free marketplace connecting people with a passion for fashion. Express your style, connect with others, and have fun buying and selling without paying a fee! Join Smashion now:)

That's it for now! Tomorrow's another busy day. 3 events to go to. I really hope I don't suddenly drop dead--and then drool and snore soundly. That would be hilar. Hehe. Catch up on you guys tomorrow. Virtual hugs to everyone;)


  1. That's a great treassure, thrifting can be so much fun specially when you find treassures like that tee! I can only imagine how excited you must be for Singapure, can't wait to know all about it!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. perfect! you always look super cute! :)

  3. Cream puffs!! Grabe addict ako dyan. Although regular cream puffs lang kinakain ko.

  4. your shoes are nice! and that Esprit top looks comfy!

    Perfumed Red Shoes

  5. love cream puffs and love your outfit. another feature? wow! congrats again!! :)

  6. you do have a fashionably busy life!

  7. Love the Chanel!! Love the whole outfit actually!!

  8. i miss the ukay ukay in manila!!!! i love that chanel top...SCORE!!


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