Lunchdate with Penshoppe

Last Tuesday, I went to Tosca restaurant at Dusit Thani for a private luncheon sponsored by Penshoppe. It was a gathering of some sort or a mini presscon for 2 of their endorsers--Bea Soriano and Akihiro Sato. What's the best part? the food!!! But first things first, my outfit for the day:)

top-trunkshow, skirt-thrifted, shoes-F-stop

 Okay 'nuf hehe, here are photos from the event itself (some were grabbed from ava, vern and sir azrael!)


tiramisu looove.

aki, bea and brand manager alex!

bea soriano and akihiro sato

There was a short question & answer portion and also some games! Melai won the gorgeous GE Jason Wu camera!  Yipee.

Class picture time!

Photo-op with Aki..

what's happening vern and ava? hahaha

me, honey, ava, melai, ana and vern

Thanks Penshoppe for the food, company and love!:) And while we're at it, don't forget to join my Penshoppe giveaway!:) Gooow.


P.S. Please grab a copy of Manila Bulletin today! I, together with Tatie, styled the editorial on the Lifestyle page. Thanks to Myth, Bobon, Forever 21, Gaupo, Unarosa, Chickflick, Fabrichild and Coexist for letting me pullout!:)

P.P.S. I know you all know about the twitter tirades against one of your favorite fashion blogger. I think most of the comments are below the belt and downright cruel and some of them do have a point. Anyway my point is, I suddenly remembered that I already answered the same question before! It's for a Q&A on Anthea's blog Embracing Style. And yes, I also used the word FASHION FORWARD! :P

And that's my honest opinion folks. Baboosh.:)


  1. love your skirt! And the event looks like it was fun!x

  2. if "certain fashion blogger" answered in the way you did then she probably wouldn't be getting any negative reaction..I believe you stated your view in a very positive note compared to hers. Personally, I don't see why they're making a big fuss over it but siguro kasi she sounded a little bit too full of herself kaya ganun ang feedback. well, just my two cents..hehe...sana kasi humble na lang siya gaya mo =)

  3. thanks nancie! :)

    trililpigs-awww i think a person's best trait should be humility naman talaga!:) yun lang po hehe nashare ko lng! hehe

  4. Love the photos during the penshoppe event Aisa!the styling was great!you and tatie did a great job..and to the "certain fashion blogger" naman, I guess what you answered waaay better.you're not bringing yourself up that much, and that's the wrong thing she did i guess.she should consider that there are a lot of fashion bloggers like her and even better :)

  5. i love,love,love the shoes and the outfit. :)

    this is really a fun event. would have love to meet bea and aki and meeting other bloggers.

  6. Love that skirt!!! I wish my legs were as long as yours. As for the fashion blogger and humility...I find it weird naman if everyone's going to be humble. While I appreciate humility in most people, there's something about diversity that makes all creatures fascinating.

    Problem lang kasi with issues and stuff, other people start resorting to really nasty comments na wala namang connection sa issue. Sana everyone would just stick to the point and not resort to below-the-belt comments. Naaawa ako sa mga fashion and beauty bloggers who just really wanted to share their experiences, tapos lalaitin.

  7. Hi Aisa! I agree with trililpigs. You phrased positively. Probably she was just so overwhelmed with being there and all kaya she couldn't eloquently (if she can) say it how an intelligent fashion blogger should :)

    The Explosive Orange

  8. Bea's trousers are amazing! The waistline is just so pretty! Loved your shorts and white shirt look, so comfy yet super chic!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  9. Blog chismis? Which blogger is this?

    How fun the luncheon looked and umm your tiramisu is making me hungry! X

  10. i love your outfit.. and yummy food.. it made a hungry while reading.. hahaha.. ;) love your style.. hope to see you soon in person.. ;)


  11. Oh wow, what a great event! And I adore your outfit! Those red shoes go perfectly with the oufit, and the skirt is sooo lovely!:D

  12. hey lady! I see you on chictopia all the time, but this is the first time i've seen your blog. i love it!
    the food looks so yummy at Tosca and you look lovely! that blouse is to die for.

  13. i love your answer haha! you should have been the one who represented ph! LOL :P


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