Ship Sails

Here are some overdue photos from a portfolio shoot I did and another one for Adobo Magazine's anniversary issue. :)

Elite studio at makati ave. so many great walls to take photos!

makeup by the l'oreal team

new friend:)

my only decent shot. lol.

The feature would be about the most talented and top calibre advertising peeps in the Philippines. They all came from different agencies and companies but it seemed like they've been friends for so long. Hehe. Theme is summer. It was so much fun working with such amazing people who've done so much. :)

And here's from a fun shoot with friends:)

HMUA by my favorite person Lei Ponce!

my co-stylist Posh:) she made this petal skirt and she gave it to me! yeey.:)

mi love--model casting agent Yeoh:)

my fave model kate and new friend/amazing photog Ryan Sulit;)
(sorry for the photo Ry wala kang matinong pic!)
adik ako pose. lol

knit top-Topshop, shorts-thrifted, tights-ebay, boots-Forever 21

Oh, and I'm so excited to meet with my college barkada this weekend! Yeeey. My girlfriend Tin came home from Dubai and we're getting together to catch up. I love my UST kada coz with them I can be me without inhibitions. I can take a break from everything. Sorry to disappoint you guys but the reason why I don't go to events sometimes is because I don't want to pretend it's natural for me to mingle with the in crowd. I hate it sometimes. Well, a lot. I'm not complaining though. I still am grateful for all the great things coming my way. :) I just need a breather sometimes and my old friends are it. Can't hardly wait. :)

P.S. Got featured on Sylvia's blog!:) Thank you!!!


  1. For some reason, I love the lighting in the photos here.

  2. That shoot looks like so much fun! Also, I really love your top! Sexy, pero very chic din! :D

  3. I totally feel the same way about events! Aside from
    The commercialization of it all, I'm rarely ever in
    the mood to socialize or "network" at events. And events are rarely compelling enough to make me want to go despite my social phobia. Anyway, you have lots to write about without attending product launches. Your styling career is far more interesting than some event! :)

  4. love these photos! so much fun! i feel the same way about events, i sometimes dread them.

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