Oh, Summer Bummer.

I got a text today from the organizers of RISQ fashion show. The show had been cancelled. Here's an official statement they released...

*Official Letter from Ideal Events

RISQ Grand Summer Fashion Show Cancelled.
The RISQ Grand Summer Fashion Show will not push through this March 4, 2011 at the World Trade Center. Indios Bravos Multimedia, the producers of the event, has finally pulled the plug on the project two days prior to the show.  Indios Bravos Multimedia President and CEO, Kristine Soguilon was not available for comment.

RISQ was indeed a grand plan to bring ten of the top fashion design students into the limelight with an extravagant fashion show. The show could have been the “Fashion Show of the Year” through the artful direction and management of the country’s top director and production team, not to mention the participation of the country’s top-notched artists. RISQ had a powerhouse cast and production team lined up.

Asked to comment on the cancellation, Cristina Guerrero, managing director of Ideal Events International, a 2010 Inspiring Young Filipino Entrepreneur awardee said, “We designed a powerhouse production team for RISQ and were able to bring everything within the discussed budget. It was a surprise to us that the production team was having problems with the checks they received from the producer.”

Carlo Guerrero of Ideal Events International expressed his disappointment about the spate of bad checks and the runaround they were given when it came to keeping up with the payment schedule.  Guerrero said, “We are still trying to get in touch with the producer to find out how they intend to settle for damages.  Another concern we have right now is how to reward all the hard work the students have put into this event. We’re hoping that things will be resolved soon and that everyone involved will be duly compensated.”

I just feel bad for those who've invested a lot of time and effort for this show. I hope everything gets resolved as quickly as possible in the most peaceful manner. :( The show was supposed to happen today. I know a lot of people who already bought tickets. I feel bad for them too. Oh well. Shit happens.

Anyway, I just stayed home today. Mich and I celebrated our "2nd" by having an indoor picnic. Hehe. I loveeeee.

                        yellow cab's dear darla pizza, spicy chicken wings, red wine, dvd marathon=BLISS:)


me in my pambahay, bagong ligo, no makeup look and my wendy's frosty!

                                                         turban experiment by using a scarf. 

                                                            Oh and here are my latest finds!

                                    see through/sheer DKNY maxi dress - excited to wear this!!!

                          faux fur leopard print satchel from Landmark for only P299--beat that! hehe

That's all for now. Meeting with my girls Ana and Melai tomorrow for a secret project. Wish us luck!:) 


  1. I always love your department store finds ;)) Cant wait to see you sis later! Di ko na natapos project ko na set sayo!!! Pero tuloy parin a... :P Lets talkies later heheheh ;D

  2. I love the bag. Where did you get it? :D

  3. oh hungry for that leopard satchel. I've never been to landmark since i graduated from college. I miss landmark. Yan ang nagdamit sa akin my whole college days. I think am gonna cry a little when i go back there.,

  4. hey! I so l♥ve the leopard print bag! Where exactly in landmark you got it from?

  5. why do i look like a ghost in the background?

  6. DEAR DARLA! Ahh. Na-miss ko yun ah. Happy Happy sa inyo ni Mich!

    Aw shucks, too bad about the fashion show. It does happen, though. \=

  7. wow! i must go to landmark!!! P299! i realy should get my lazy ass over to makati!

    join my StiLa giveaway!!!

  8. wow naman sa bag!! love it :) sayang nga yung risq, bumili ako ticket nun eh :(

  9. babe! tagged you here! :)


  10. ginutom mo ako!! I can never resist pizza. shets! and the turban looks great!

  11. Nori & Tsin - Landmark, glorietta!!!:) asa middle sha nakadisplay. :)

    Denise - tamaaa landmark is landmine!!!:) dami great finds:)

  12. werq that sheer dress! and i love the bag! great find!

  13. Happy 2nd! I envy you guys. :)

  14. oohh..i love love the blue violet dress! and it matches the yellow blazer perfectly :)



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