New from Fab Manila: Fresh Space

You all know how much I love Fab Manila--the products, the word fab & manila together in their brand name and the people behind it--Jen and Sheila. :) I also styled for their Nomadic collection last year and I had fun working with the team. I got loco over their oversized clutch bag and their satchel-ish bags. They always have amazing products & designs and at the most affordable prices. Now they've released their newest collection--and no, they're not bags. People like me who's imprisoned by clutter and has poor organizing skills, as well as the OC ones who hates messy things would love this. I do! 

 cute leopard print pencil case + mini wallet: just P150 each:) (other designs & colors available)

Drawer organizer, Partition tray, Book box-- love the color and geish-ish print:) Other colors & designs available.

 Here's what my dresser looks like before...
me at 4am. hee

Here's my dresser after. Used the fabulous partition tray!
skincare, haircare, accs (it's an improvement hehe)

And here's the clutter beside my bed...
i knowwww so messy haha. hardrive, chargers, speakers, etc.

Here's after when I used the drawer! So much better. I can even store my books and passport inside. :)

And I can put my bag for the day on top. Hehe! Bag from Fab Manila--been using it for 1 week straight now!

Seriously, these organizers could save my cluttered life. Hehe. I would give some of the items sent to me away on my April giveaway. So stay tuned!:) For the meantime, enjoy Fab Manila's lookbook!

Here are the prices---Drawers (P795), Partition Trays (P450), Book Boxes (P395), File Holders (P375) and Storage Boxes (P295). They can be a little above the normal office/home organizers price range but the quality and designs are worth it.

And here's me using the Talia messenger bag day after day, it seriously goes well with everything...
(will blog about my outfits on a separate entry)
 Talia messenger from their Gotta Get Away collection:)

Congrats to your new line Fab Manila! Keep making our lives fab as always. ;)

Shop Fab Manila here! :)


  1. Those drawers are so pretty, love the prints and colors so cute! I'm a pack rat, but love to keep everything organized, these look very useful!

    The Outfit Diaries

  2. everything is so cute. i love their lookbook! wish my house looks like that! :)


  3. This look is very adorable. I love the mixture of fabrics. x

  4. I love the drawers, partition trays, file holders. I might check out their site. Thank you for sharing this. :)

  5. haha i wonder how long did it take you to declutter? i'm sure it will take me the whole day! but pretty drawers and organizers indeed :)

  6. I love fabmanila as well, my mom uses their passport organizer up to this day! and those drawers would look good in any shelf :)


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