I need some OXYGEN.

We were invited to a very private preview of Oxygen's holiday collection. We can't blog about it yet coz it's what they'll show on Philippine Fashion Week. It's a little surreal coz we were treated like queens and it was really a privilege to be in the midst of Oxygen's creative, marketing, PR, management team. Plus, I was with my blogger friends so that made it extra fun and special. It was fun playing dress up and trying on some of the clothes. Ana and I even bonded inside the closet (where we changed hehe). Thank you Krissy for inviting me! :)

 grabbed from krissy

 grabbed from vern

 grabbed from vern: shoes!!!
After the event the girls accompanied me for some minor pullouts. And then dinner at Cibo!

 photo grabbed from Ava: Ed, Krissy, Ana, Vern, Aie, Ava, Melai and Mich!

(photo from ava): On the phone with jear haha

grabbed from vern

grabbed from Krissy

my food. yuuum

After eating what's a girl to do? SHOP!!! So we ran to the nearest Oxygen store. :)

grabbed from vern

shop shop shop

happy shoppers! :)

And can I just say--it was really fun shopping with blog friends!:) We should do this more often! It's great coz we can ask each other's opinion and ask for advice. Hehe. Super fun.

Here's what I brought home...

Aside from the pretty pieces above, I also bought Mich a cute gray shorts and a cap. Hihi. I'm a known color lover when it comes to my wardrobe but I really wouldn't mind going for grays and blacks now! Oxygen's pieces are awesome. :)

Their F/W 2011 is coming soon but for the meantime enjoy their S/S one. Sheer & cropped tops, shorts, graphic tees, light fabric pieces--summer with Oxygen= Love:) And don't you just love how the photos look like an international ad campaign? (photos grabbed from Melai's blog)

Oxygen is truly the best place to buy basic, edgy, chic pieces that could go from day to night. They're pretty affordable too! Don't you agree?:)


  1. great photos! i think i'm gonna check out some of their shorts. love the black jacket you bought :)

  2. "Ana and I even bonded inside the closet" pak!

  3. It looks like an awesome time!
    Plus, you got stuff???
    Even better.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. I love the jacket you got Pax! =)


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