I'm a slave to fashion.

Sorry for not updating loves. I'm having a CRAZY week with all the work and pullouts for shoots. I'm so exhausted!!! I haven't had a decent sleep for days. It's fun, yes, but imagine a tiny me carrying 5-7 bags full of shoes, accessories, clothes from Glorietta to Greenbelt then back to Glorietta then Megamall. Crazy. I think all the bags combined are actually heavier than me. I even grew a mouse sized muscle from all the carrying. For serious.

I wanna dedicate this entry to all the stores who were kind enough to accommodate me and my sometimes crazy requests.  To Ms. Ruby Gan of SCHU and Myth, The Ramp, Ms Ayet of Accessorize, Topshop, GAUPO shoes, EGG, Manels, Pill, Ms. Ann of Cosmopolitan, Unarosa and most especially to the kind and sweet people of SM and Forever 21! Shoutout to Ms. Athena and Kathy. You're the bestest. :) You all made my life easier just by saying yes. Thank you. :)

Let me start off with some outfit shots I was finally able to do today!:)
 dress worn as top-from Thailand, shorts-thrifted, jacket-thrifted, boots-thrifted, necklace-Anagon

 killer boots.

Let me share with you guys some photos take today and my previous pullout days. Enjoy! :)

Tuesday--or was it Monday? Soooo lost. Lol
 Dinner at Orchard Road, Megamall.

 My first meal of the day!!! Murdered. Haha.

Yum Yum.

Wednesday shoot for Depot Fashion mag. Meet Mane--the mannequin. Heee.

my gorgeous editor:)

After the shoot I immediately returned some of the items I pulled out and then pulled out some more. Hah.

Saw this cute shoes from Schu!

While waiting, I tried on some cute shoes! Of course.
crushing on this booties.

Still inlove with this pair. When will this go on sale? Hehe.
signing the pullout sheet:)

The next day, I still did a lot of returning and pullouts...
With my new friend, publicist of SM--Kathy. Love this girl!:)

@EGG, inlove with their vintage luggages and suitcases!

Now our living room is a total mess...
Haggard. Tired. Happy. Excited.

No rest for tomorrow. Last pullouts at WAGW and Pill. Now my scoliosis is acting up and my back aches so much. Argh. By the way, I just learned recently that Gela is now our new intern!!!:) We're supposed to meet up today so I could have someone help me with pullouts but I left home late. Anyway, she's gonna be at our shoot this weekend. so I'm quite excited. Excited to meet you Gela! Wish me luck guys. Hope I nail it. :)

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  1. Ikaw na! Ikaw na ang busy-busyhan queen! Haha

  2. Love love your denim jacket! Shape is so pretty, you could wear it up or down great piece! ... Wish I had a job like yours, dreamy!


  3. Hi Aisa! Now I understand the term "pullouts" in your job. (I came from a different world kasi
    ;-) You will eventually return those nice stuff din pala. :-(

    I love your jacket by the way. I love small and Chinese collared inspired jackets. :)

  4. really love your boots and looks like you really had a very busy day. so little time, so much to do. :)

  5. nice thrifted jacket! :) i'm still in love with your bucket bag! :)

    Congratulations on all these bookings! :)

  6. Such a hectic week, teh! But I can't help envy you with all those wonderful pull outs!! Schu and egg oh my! hehe :) Love the killer boots too! Good luck with your upcoming shoots! fight, fight, fight!

  7. Yes, I totally agree. Athena and Kathy are love. And so are the rest of the SM marketing girls. Plus, they're so kalog pa!

  8. What a great blog! So happy to have discovered it!

  9. Sniff! T_T So Sweet... I superlab our pic. Haha! Enjoyed assisting you in pullouts ^_* ... (@_@)Sometimes kalerki ka girl (suuuuuppperduper dami mong puullouts) but like you always said "Keri lang yan!" ^_^ See you soon!

  10. Hi!
    Love your blog, so you have a new follower.
    I invite you to visit the mine and follow me back :)


  11. parang gusto ko na talagang magpa adopt sa inyo ni mich. weeeehhh! daming goodies!
    misssss yA, ais!

  12. Hi Aisa,

    I read your blog from time to time.
    I actually saw you yesterday at Megamall. I love your white blazer! Where did you get it? :)

  13. your booots is such a killer! i want!! :]]]]] Take care pax! just enjoy, dont stress your self too much <3 <3

  14. awww...looks like a lot of people had a crazy week! Still, I'm glad you had fun ;)

  15. natawa naman ako sa murdered meal!!! lovet! mag trolley ka nalang para hindi mahirap mag buhat! meron ako ung cheapanggang trolley from dv. pang shopping P250 lang -pang greenhills minsan. useful sha... check mo parang ganto sha http://www.transport-impacts.com/category/comforts/tips/page/2/


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