Who stole my Christmas?

I'm really starting to hate the holidays due to the unbearable traffic and hellishly greedy cab drivers!!! Argh, so frustrating. If I have a choice I would just lock myself in our apartment and stay there til the holidays are over. But I sadly can't. So I had to brave the streets and just give in to the waiting time and the whims of these %$@&& drivers.

Last Saturday, I went to Qiwellness spa for their Asian Secrets lulur body scrub launch. I was invited by Liz (thanks Liz!) and I just can't say no to free pampering! I had to reschedule it though coz I wanted to take Mich with me (since she's the spa addict). I saw some blogger friends though! Hi Liz, Shen and Alex! :)

wearing: Ramon Valera tent shirt, F21 shorts, custom made oxfords

with mah girl Alex. :)

love her red Ensembles skirt!

Fierce Liz

Got to take home a gift pack from Asian Secrets and a spa voucher which I'll be using on Wednesday so watch out for my spa post soon! Excited. :)

Come Sunday, I got a visit from my sister. She just came from a trial bridal make-up from Salon Republic. I didn't really like her make-up that much coz it was--for me--too dark.  I suggested she buy and use a lighter shade of lipstick instead. So we went to the nearest mall (hello SM Cubao!) and searched for the perfect shade and brand. Here's her before photo..

And here's her (I think) improved make-up after buying a nude pink lipstick from Revlon...

I also bought a super red lipstick from Revlon to try and stop my excessive lip peeling vice.

Before outfit post...

taken in front of our apartment


loving my new lips! haha.

plaid shirt & shorts - thrifted, shoes - Ichigo

I also got my much needed Inasal fix at Bacolod Chicken House. The closest I could ever get to the original Bacolod Inasal. Yum.

ibida ang lips har

sorry if my plate looks harrassed or messy. heee.

Mich's chiken satay + eggplant ensalada

my favorite--chicken oil!!! which I put on my rice. Haha sinful and deadly.

new bangs c/o Mich! Emotions, yes.

My buys-- new beauty Treats eyeliner (can't get enough!), Revlon lipstick, and a cheap one from a PX store

Love the weekends!

I also finally got the processed photos from our winter shoot last month. I love it!

Photography & post processing: Darrel Pobre
Styling: Aisa Ipac
Make-up: Vincent
Model (and debutante): Jenn

How I wish we have winter here. *Sigh*

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  1. I feel you... I sooo feel your first line. x(

    Your outfits look so comfy and stylish.

    Seems you had fun shopping despite the traffic. Hooraaayyy for chicken inasal! x)

    Lovin' the winter shoot photos! =)

  2. Love the oxfords! (And I agree, I hate hate hate this season for so many reasons and that includes greedy cab drivers.)

    Love the first photo. Nyahahahahahaha!

  3. Ooh lemme grab photos! Galing talaga ni Mich kumuha, hehehe! :D I also love that photospread, congratulations on your good work!


  4. you look great with a red lip! love your casual outfit and so in love with everything your friend alex is wearing omggg that beautiful skirt!

    <3 Pandaphilia

  5. Nice photos mitch! hey alex, lovely to see you here too!

  6. grabe tlg mga cab drivers pag ganito, may mga abusado,bat kay akung kelang Pasko ska cla ganyan?

    Loving your lipstick shade!!!^^ so christmassy, ^^

  7. Shucks, I'm so bummed I wasn't able to join the spa thing. I read Liz' e-mail too late! BOO. Anyway all you girls look fab!

  8. you're right, traffic is sooo bad right now. :( sm cubao is my go-to mall too! haha walalang :) is the px lipstick plum? i've been looking for one for the longest time


  9. Nakakainggit gusto ko rin pumunta! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  10. I like your last outfit so cute, and the red lip is a must ! love it
    Merry Christmas :)

  11. nakakatuwa ang mga captions mo, te! :) haha. and mas bagay nga yung bagong makeup ng sister mo! :)

    xx, Channie

  12. I wish I knew how to apply liquied liner as well, I'm really quite clueless when it comes to make-up!

    put you on my blog list and following you. hope you can do the same =)

    Happy Holidays!


  13. Your sis looks beautiful..both the dark and the lighter look. Personally, I prefer the dark. Would love to see the wedding dress, color scheme, bridesmaids dresses and other stuff together with the make up. Oh, and the debutante looks nice too.

  14. aaahhh i miss chicken inasal!!! with toyo and bid red sili! hahahah!

    omg!! i love that revlon lipstick line!!!! aaahh! :D looks great on you!

    Animated Confessions

  15. I like your 'improved' version of your sister's make-up. I think lighter, more delicate colors fit better with weddings. :)

    I really like your shorts! :)

  16. thanks girls! Love you all and Merry Christmas!=)

  17. Mas okay nga yun light lipstick for your sister :) Love your red lips din!

    And woooow, beautiful photos! :)

  18. congrats to your sister for getting hitched! ^_^

    super nice styling photos!.. how i wish may ganyan din ako when I was 18.. hahaha ^_^

  19. im loving also your new lips :))

    ennaid :))


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