Ola Cebu!

I'm done with my 1st day of touring Cebu city and so far I'm having so much fun! I had a fine taste of the city upon my arrival last night when they brought me to this chicken fastfood place called Sunburst. I tell you, they have the best chicken everrrrr. If I have billions I would bring it over to Manila so I could have a taste anytime I want. Harrr. And And! So far, I've finished all my meals/food. What a feat! I think I would finally gain weight if I live here even just for a month. Anyway...

Mich's mom and stepdad fetched us earlier (as in 7am early) so we could have a quick city tour before buying pasalubongs for my family. Here are some photos!

Parian monument where scenes depicting different historical moments can be found.

I really wanted to enter but it's closed--boohoo. We'll go back tomorrow! Yey!

SUGBU - Magellan's Cross 
1st cross that Ferdinand Magellan--the 1st Spaniard who captained the first circumnavigation expedition

built during the 1700's

it looks like the guagua church in pampanga! 

armory or is it artillery? haha
mini mini jail.

 Ring mah bell

CNT RESTAURANT (best lechon ever!)
mouth wateriiiing.


 dried fish galore! bantuts.

Of course, I can't end the day without my haul post! I was lucky enough to receive gifts and unused things from Mich's mom. Aylaveeeet. The only items I bought are the magazines and book. :)

bought from booksale 
 Zebra print carpet Mich's mom and sister made pamana to me! It's perfect for the apartment!

 perfect gift coz I forgot to bring my slippers! hehe

 Mich's mom gave me these babies! Inlove!!! These came from the US and are good as new. Can't wait to wear 'em.

 with flash. spell c-l-o-g-s? lol

 can't resist trying on my favorite pair. heee.

And now some outfit post...

Lna top, thrifted shorts, SM scarf, Cotton On flats, thailand bag
vintage dress, the ramp belt, custom made brogues

Have to go! More places to explore tomorrow. 
Hope you're all having a blast wherever you guys are.:)

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  1. Ang saya naman! :) Love the pics! :) I want to book a trip now na, hehehehe! :) Winner places AND new things!!! :D

  2. Pax!!! The places you visited are so gandaaaaaa!!! Ang sarap mag outfit photo op there!!! And nice the shoesies! Enjoy Cebu!!

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  4. I'm jealous pax! I love all the places you went to! :-) my boy lives there and I cant be with him right now... layo ng Cebu eh! hahaha have fun pax!! Will I see you on Wednesday? :-)

  5. those clogs are to die for!! hihi.. soo jealous! ^_^

  6. cebu is so nice as seen on your eyes!
    im glad you like it here.
    and you look gorgeous touring the city!
    awesome shoes too!!

  7. i was in Cebu a few months ago AND I TOTALLY REGRET why I did not explore the places near Magellan's Cross. SO GANDAAAA!

  8. love the clogs - - fur .

    ennaid love <3

  9. Enjoy lang my dear!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  10. Hello Pax! My recent post is our Cebu Trip, too! haha! We didn't go to Tops, though and some some! Hee. CnT iz ze BEST!

  11. You were here!!!!!! HAHA loviing those shoes! <3


  12. wow, you definitely covered the awesome parts of cebu! glad to know you enjoyed your trip.

  13. you indeed captured most of the beautiful places to go to in cebu city! tabuan market is my fave! ^^

    The ViXeN's LaiR

  14. Kalurkey...we visit our dad's relatives in Cebu almost every other year and yet...I have never seen some of the places you posted in here. Hm. Maybe I have taken Cebu for granted.


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