Cebu Bai!

I had fun touring around Cebu on my 3rd day here. Today, Mich's family took us to an ancentral house circa 1700's, firing range, the Mactan Shrine, and Ayala Center Cebu. At the end of the day we ate at a thai resto which serves delicious food and of course I had to visit some thrift shops before retiring for the night. Here's how it went in photos (warning: major photo dump, lol)...

Anyway, we were finally able to go inside the old ancestral house I posted yesterday! Yey! And it's breathtaking.

the garden
wishing well


we had to wear these slippers before we were allowed to go upstairs
the original stairs and flooring. amazing.

OMG so beautiful. every piece, every item has it's own story to tell. if things could only talk.

i can imagine girls in sayas or maria clara attires having a feast at this table.

antique/vintage chair. i just had to sit.lol

scarefest 1

scarefest 2

This house is just oozing with history. I'm obsessed. I felt like I was on opium the whole time I was there. Can't wait to visit the other house that's also like this tomorrow. Excited.

Mich's stepdad is the chief of police of Mandaue City's traffic management group. So as a treat he took us to a firing range so he could teach us how to fire a real gun. Honestly, this was the only trip I was not excited about. I was scared. I hate violence, I hate guns. But I had no choice. So...

yessss action star?

I wasn't able to fire the gun coz it was too big and heavy for me. Lol. They were worried that I won't be able to handle the recoil. They're already preparing the .38 for me for my next visit. At least I now know how to operate a gun just in case something happens. Afterwards, we headed to Mactan Shrine for lunch and some photo-op.

After Mactan we headed to Ayala to buy a dress for Mich's mom. I also bought a custom made I love Cebu shirt at Island Souvenirs! :) Mich and I ate at Siam thai resto where the food is just heavenly. 

love the interiors
best pumpkin soup ever

mango salad

prawn patty

heart shaped rice--awww. Pork steak with herbs

Before heading home, we passed by the nearest thrift shop where I found nice stuff. I'll be selling most of them on my online store Archive Clothing. :) And so, here's my haul post for the day!

bought this cute flats from Janylin!

 bought from mactan

And now, an outfit post...

all thrifted except hat and bag:)

Meeting up with some friends today! Looking forward to this new and exciting day here in the beautiful city of Cebu. :) Check on me later! love love.


  1. never knew there was a house like that in Cebu..haha where have i been all my life?

  2. i love siam!
    enjoy touring cebu!!

  3. the ancestral house looks beautifuL!:) I wanna go! and nice hauls! Love the outfit too, pax! Balik ka na dito!!

  4. Ako na teh ang lampa at hindi din marunong sa baril hahahah! :D Can relate! ;D Panay reklamo pako na mali yun baril (triny namin sa viet) hehehe. Love all your shopping finds! :) And syempre ang iyong wearable-for-trips outfits <3 see you soon a! :) <3

    PS: Gusto ko nyang new hat mo!!! Buy moko!!! Hahahah!

  5. Try nyo rin ang Skolatina sa Cyma at Ayala Center Cebu (yes, fan ako ng Skolatina haha)!

    Have fun here in Cebu! :D

  6. i looove the house...i like seeing places with lots of history. and i already am eyeing some stuff from your thrift finds..especially that whimsical dress. gosh.

  7. OMG. I miss Cebu. I'm sure you had a blast! It's pretty much like Manila but it still has wonderful wonderful sights!

    sPam of frou-frou

  8. where did you go thrifting? nice finds! :)


  9. where did you go thrifting? nice finds! :)


  10. Looks like you had a blast! That last dress you thrifted is adorable! :)

  11. love the hat! looks perfect with the Cebu view ;)

    ninin of thetwomissfits.com

  12. You rocked the fabric slippers! hehe! I love the hat! =)

  13. Wow! Its like looking at Cebu differently! :) Lovely photos ha!


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    hi aisa join my first giveaway!
    i'm inggit sa cebu trip mo! :)

  15. ms.pax , how much you polo shirt sa 2nd photo ?? i love it )

  16. what's the name of that house?


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