Palawan Adventure: Day 1

Finally, a vacation! After all the drama--scammer travel agent, saying goodbye to P12k, birthday frustration--we've finally reached this heaven of a place. We're finally in Palawan! Yey. I'm a first timer, so I'm really quite excited. What did I do on my 1st day here? See in photos...

after many exhausting months--a vacay! Yey!

Arrived at exactly 5pm. Look behind me! A rainbow:)

look closely--it's a double rainbow! Amazing:)

Required photo op at the runway with the airport name in the frame. Har.

We were picked up by 2 of Mercedes' (our chosen hotel) staff holding a placard with my name. Funny seeing my name on a placard. Lol.

Outside our room.

The whole place. Cozy.

The place is just in front of the airport. Literally. We can actually walk going there. The owner is also very nice and gracious.

 Ate dinner at Kinabuchs which is just an P8 ride away.

green mango salad

sizzling blue marlin steak. It's so good we finished everything!

Also treated myself to a mani/pedi!

New nails. Lol.

then passed by this store--where I bought lots of accessories! Can't help it.

...and another store where I bought a leopard print eco bag! Who's addicted to leopard print?

 Coffee at Itoy's. Cute place. :)

..and ordered mango cheesecake and zuniga coffee. Yum. 

I asked for their wifi password and the girl gave me "bananacaramelfraf" Thought the "f" at the end was just a password trick. But after 5 minutes I still can't connect. Damn.

Blue necklace--one of my favorite buys for the day. :) Only P45.

My other loots--all for P300!  :)

 top-H&M, shorts-Space, shoes-from Vietnam, cardigan -Forever 21

Early day tomorrow. Honda Bay tour! Later guys!:)


  1. wow! love all the photos and loot!:) looks great :) can't wait to see more!

  2. I love all the leopard printed stuff! :) and your demnim shorts too!!

  3. Wow I'm jealous! It's been years since I went to Palawan with my family! I was still a kid. Haha! The double rainbow picture is amazing! Can't wait for more photos and kwentos! :p

    <3 Camille

  4. That 'bananacaramelfraf' bit was funny! :D

  5. Pax!!!!!!! Inggit ako!!!! So happy for you! Enjoy Palwan!!! Chikahan tayo when you get back!

  6. have fun in Palawan. careful with all the mosquitos. we don't want anyone malaria-stricken.

  7. Ingat jan aisa! Enjoy!!! Gusto ko yung glasses na nabili mo!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. aahhh i so miss palawan!!!

  9. i love! I wanna visit palawan, too, but the BF has a thing about it that he won't step on it. how lame right? di ko na lang siya sama, hahahaha!

    you look fab in every shot of you! and your loot are so cute.. hahah it rhymed.

    btw, thanks for making me feel so welcome during the f21 party. :)

  10. oh wow the mango cheesecake looks so scrumptious i want!!! :))have fun! :)

  11. Looks like your having fun, double rainbow photo is amazing.

  12. haha lurve all your cheap finds there!:)

  13. ms.pax , im gonna die really , the leopard print and the silver cuffs ? ive been searching for that since forever , i also went online shopping and i saw those babies i was about to order them but it sold already . im so freakin jealous noooooooow ! :((( sell that to me puh-lease *envy*


  14. Ay napakasarap namang bakasyon pax!! :D Enjooooyyy!!!! :) Gusto ko nun round glasses mo din ang cute!!!

  15. I love the 45 peso necklace!

  16. Oh my aisa! I love that nerdy glasses! Will you be able to drop by there pa?
    Okay i'm envious now. :|
    Enjoy! You definitely deserve that.

  17. I want to go to Palawan, too! I've never been there eh. :( Thanks for this post. This will be helpful when I go there.

  18. was this on November 23? because i saw a rainbow that day, & when i checked back on the photo i took, it looks like a double rainbow too! i didn't notice that! so awesome!!

    boat ride through the sky

  19. Bananacaramelfraf :))

    I love that. Oh Aisa, I'm going to Palawan over the holidays. This is super useful for me because it will be my first time also! I'm looking forward to reading more on your adventures there. Hope you got the perfect relaxing vacation...

    And the address for Little Tokyo is: located at 2277 Pasong Tamo Corner Amorsolo Street Makati.

    Bea from A plus B

  20. Wow!! That's a great and cool adventure in Palawan. There are a lot of good stuffs you can out there. I wish I could go there by next year that's a perfect paradise and a good leisure to go through. I must go there by mid February 2015. It's really a must!


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