BBM + F21 launch party

Warning: This post is photo heavy. :P

So, last weekend I was at The Collective the whole day for the Brown Bag Market bazaar. It was super super hot that day and I consistently felt like an ice cream melting away. I was restless and agitated, BUT friends made my ordeal a whole lot easier. :) Buyers were scarce (coz there were a gazillion bazaars  also happening around the area) but it didn't stop us from having fun. :) I also shopped more than I earned. Epic fail. Hah.

So here's how it went in photos...

with a reader (thanks for buying!) :)

Alex's DIY shirt. I love!

Chika chika (in english: talking like there's no tomorrow, hah)

Class picture! Bea of skysenshi, Ana of fashion commuter, Alex of reluctant stylista, moi, Melai of style&soul, Denise of simones closet

with the owner of Sunday's Best :)

with Ava and Vern!

We then attended the Awearness: Eco Fashion and Beauty Forum...

...which started with Vern giving a demo and talk about make-up! Seen here with muse Ava:) In Athan's word: "BRAVO!!!"

 Love this bag from Green Minded Missy! It's handmade with love. :)

Alex trying on Mary Kay's oil mattifier! Works like magic! :)

Melai and Ana gave it a try as well. Just apply it on an oily face...

....and, voila! Instant freshness. Aylavet.

We were then treated to a free merienda from Pasta Box (sorry no photo) and was given these freebies from Envirosack and Bare Minerals.

Love this bag from envirosack! I love that it can hold a lot of things.

with Lauren:)

i love Melai and Denise's booth!

Free coffee! (haggardness galore--i only slept for 2 hours!)

Ariane of A&B in the sea, moi, Ava and Ana

I got to sneak out for some outfit shots!

top & skirt - thrifted, shoes - bought online, necklace-greenhills, other accs-random

At around 8, I changed and got ready for the Forever 21 party. Kookie (with Nicole) was nice enough to pick me up. They also did their own shopping before we left!

I was so reluctant to go to the party coz I haven't slept, I was so tired, and I was feeling icky from sweating all day. But, it was for a job so I had no choice. This dress from Melai was a lifesaver. I actually brought a black long sleeves velvet bodycon dress (which I should have worn to blend in! Also, according to Nicole the whole pink thing is so not me, I agree! hehe) but it was--as I said--scorching hot. I'm almost sure that I wouldn't last 5 minutes in it, I'd die of heatstroke. Lol. This pink dress from Melai's store, fashionstopshop, is so light and breezy. I had to laugh at myself for totally diverting from my usual style. I looked like an ambushed Paris Hilton. Eek. 

Anyway, upon arrival at Member's Only, we were then greeted by the rest of the FFT. Such a fabulous bunch. :) Here's some photos from the event. Some photos were grabbed from Lissa (one of the 5 brand ambassadors of F21 Philippines), Kookie, Nicole and Karl.

patricia, lissa, tricia, dave, dominique

the brand ambassadors on stage with F21's brand manager: Jane Kingsu-Cheng.

Kookie and Shen

Fab-- Paul, Thysz, Bon, Mike

with Kookie

with Mike and Karl--power bloggers and owner of Paradigm Shift.

from Karl's cam--inedit ko ang eyebags! Haha.

moi, Paul, Thysz, Bon, Mike, Kookie and Shen

The zombie me made it through the day. Yey! But not the zombie-on-a-shopping-ban me. 

The damages:

Human Nature shampoo & conditioner (which smells amazing btw!) and their magic oil! I'm using it on my undereye circles and it does make mine more manageable. 

Cute dress from F-stop.

...and another one. 

That's it! To all the bloggers and other equally fabulous people who I met that day--it was so nice to meet you! Til next! =)


  1. this looks so fun! i really love your friend's DIY shirt and your big chunky heels

    <3 angie
    (ps i'm having a giveaway!)

  2. Am I the only one who was happy to see that pink dress on you? I agree it's not your style, but it's different so I liked it! I think you totally rocked it. Also, I was eyeing that blue dress din from F-stop, but alas, shopping ban and all, huhuhu. :( Tsaka bongga yung spot where you took the outfit photo! <3


  3. that's awesome!! one event after another!!! wow! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. Wow looks like a crazy fun time! Love all the fashion! That pink top with the ruffles is so pretty!

  5. It was great seeing you last Saturday! You didn't look haggard at all, promise. :) And I totally admire you for doing bazaars, because I seriously don't have the patience for that!

  6. wow! <3 you look cool in that pink dress!

  7. wow. everyone is looking great in both events!

  8. aw this looks like tonnes of fun! love the outfit, esp the denim shirt tucked into the skirt, the bazaar looks great - they are what we call 'markets' in australia right?

    also can't believe forever 21 opened where you live! when will it ever come to australia.. hahahhaaha

  9. ps yes ! of course i ship to phillipines :) i've added all countries to my listings recently so it makes things easier now :D

  10. So funny seeing all those familiar faces!

    Is this the first F21 in the Philippines? That place is an addiction.

    And LOL, I am on a shopping ban too! Not working out very well tho.

  11. i love both outfits. but i love the first one more!!! sayang I didn't make it to your bazaar. maybe next time. or i'll wait for you to upload in your multiply. :)

  12. Love reading about the fun events you go to! It always make me want to shop, hehe. Love your outfit. I really want a denim shirt now. I like the way you wore it.

    Embracing Style

  13. It was nice seeing everyone there. BTW, I'm now wearing the shirt I bought from you (as I type this). Haha!



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