Paradigm Shift x Tin for Z!

This new, exciting and extraordinary line is the brainchild of power bloggers Mike and Karl together with shoe mogul (naks) Nicole of Soule. What can you expect from a team of highly creative and talented individuals? I'll bet my arse on it that it's gonna be HUGE. Well, it already is. Their latest press is a Bangkok shoot by F magazine modeled by supermodel Ria Bolivar! 

See the full feature HERE.

Paradigm Shift was born from our mutual dream to create a clothing line that offers would-be wearers an alternative to what is mainstream. It is designed with details that challenge preconcieved notions of what you think you can and cannot wear.

These are clothes that are at once familiar and unfamiliar. And we believe that with the unfamiliar comes a sense of fun. We'd love to call it basics with a twist, except, we leave the 'twisting' to you.

"If the world were clear, art would not exist", said Albert Camus. We agree. The beauty we find in dissymmetry, exageration and imbalance fuels our dream of sharing the experience of wearing clothes dynamically. To never be static and be always kinetic.

I saw their editorial and it's just amazing. It was well planned, perfectly executed. I would love to copy this shoot soon! Hehe. :)

 View full editorial HERE.

Their first collection was inspired by the concept of "mindsteps"...

  Read more and view the complete collection HERE

 The clothes may not suit my persona or style but I have my eye on some pieces! :) The items are unique but not that over the top that it's not wearable. Excited to get my hands on these...


 shirt with side tails

half winged shirt

Price ranges from P1200-1500. You can buy online through the Paradigm Shift website
or visit Graxie at Rockwell. :) Again, congratulations Mike, Karl, Nicole and to the whole Paradigm team. :) 

Also, do check out Tin Iglesias' collaboration with the Z shop! That's where I bought my Twiggy and Agyness resin necklaces. I love them!

Click HERE to see all the other cool stuff Tin created for Z. And click HERE to order! :)


  1. so awesome!!! i love karl & mike's line too!!! :D and tin's accessories are so cool!! :D

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