Oldies but Goodies Part 1

Once upon a time my hair was straighter, I looked younger but nevertheless I dress not so ordinarily and I always had/have amazing friends. These are my favorite photos of my being nomadic and some random ones which I find amusing. Good & bad memories--some in between. It's always fun looking back.(And yes, it's because I have nothing new to post for now--still busy packing!)

boots overload @Mongkok, HK

misty city @avenue of stars, HK

Saint and Sinner 

early morning puff 

@Orchard, Singapore

My favorite wall @Orchard

Nature Affairs..

i wrote your name on the sand :) @Boracay

i am the orphan @Panglao, Bohol

@Potipot, Zambales

hidden treasure @Anawangin

under the scorching sun doing the westside sign@Mt. Pinatubo

majestic @Mt. Pinatubo crater

the tiboy and me under a shooting star @Mt. Pinatubo

Saw an elephant scratching his butt against a tree--hence my weird face.. mesmerizing. @Thailand

Climbed this ruin @Ayutthaya, Thailand only to find out there's a sign below that reads, "No climbing!"
I get giddy whenever I see anything historical.

One with the ladies @somewhere in Thailand

biggest lollipop and hello panda ever! @a supermarket in Vietnam

And totally unrelated... just wanted to show you guys how pretty Mich is 
when she's all glammed up! 
(Mich--pls I'm too young to die)

do you want it long? (trashy trailer park mama)

..or short?

I hate you you're so pretty! Booooooooo. Hahaha.

That's all folks!


  1. ^_^ I love this post...I also love to review my past travels they sortta remind me the many adventures (and misadventures) I've been through...

  2. Aw what fun travel pictures! I love the shot with all the boots, that's like shopping heaven!

  3. hahahahahahaa can i hate mich na din? sooooo guapa. shet.
    the moschino belt, love, small letters lang cause someone outbid me with this moschino belt with the bigger letters.. will post pics soon. buuuuttt i want the belt with the big letters. grrrrr... im happy for you, guapa..

  4. love your post. you are an avid traveller. I love the random pics of your travel memories. They are worth keeping. I love the picture with all the boots, very tempting and Kalmo is right, it's like a shopping haven.

  5. great travel tails Pax, you look gorgeous with straight hair but the style never fades darling...

    cute pictures...


  6. i'd have to say, next to fashion, traveling and photography ties in as the closest second.

    thailand is definitely one of my top Asian destination.

    and love your hair either way. and can i just say mich has the most beautiful eyes!


  7. holy cow, i need to go to Mongkok right this minute. BOOTS HEAVEN!

    also, that picture of you w/ the shooting star is magnificent!! priceless. :)

    boat ride through the sky

  8. I love these pictures. You seem to always be on some sort of adventure and I am very jealous of that.


  9. oh how i miss traveling :( must do a blog post like this soon! i love the shooting star photo...is that for real?? amaziiiiiiiiiiing!

  10. what the waaaaaaahh?? i hate photoshop.
    lagot ka saken mamaya. lol

    @KD - we're just lucky we have some sort of paparazzi to capture moments. didn't even realize we were being stalked until our officemate sent us the pictures.

  11. super love the shooting star photo too! :)))
    Sobrang namiss ko na magtravel..:D

  12. I love all the photos specially the one with the shooting star, so romantic! *kilig* Mich photo are pretty, I prefer the shorter hair..:D


  13. i love the photos and the stories behind them! you look great with straight hair!!!

    and oh my gaaaad!!! ang ganda nga ni Mich kapag naka make up!!!! naloka ako!!!

  14. those are some reaaally beautiful pics!!


  15. I love the random pictures of the souvenirs. Worth keeping. I love the picture with all the boots, very tempting and Kalma is correct, as a shopping paradise.

  16. Love ur site, im now a follower. Also I just voted u at chicisimo. Pls visit me and if u like what u see u might wanna follow me back;)
    Have a nice weekend.

  17. I love browsing old memories in the form of pictures too :) you have always been awesome!

  18. OMG! Booties overload!!!! I'm forever looking at boots and finding ones that I really like. But it's hard to find really unique-looking ones in the regular retail stores.

  19. aaahhhh you've gone to a lot of places na.. that's so nice.. i haven't been to other countries in asia. pero someday, i really hope i can see thailand and singapore! :D

    Animated Confessions

  20. ms aisa i am so jealous of your travels!


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