Robinson's Mall Event: Great Fashion Finds!

I am very honored to be part of this grand blogger event by Robinson's Malls: The Great Fashion Finds in Robinsons Ermita. We were basically just told to check out some stores and also try the mall's new wifi service.  It was the perfect time to meet other bloggers whom I adore and also a good excuse to shop (or window shop). Hehe!

So registration started at around 11 am. I chose to bring Melai because we've been commenting on each other's blog for so long and I am also an avid fan of her online store. :) Got the chance to meet her at the Port 88 bazaar and we just hit it off instantly.

Here's us at the registration table:

The organizers were very nice and accommodating. Thank you Jeffrey Siy! They also treated us to a scrumptious lunch at KKK resto. The food was great but the service really needs improvement. Sorry.

... love their adobo flakes (I'm sure it has a different name on the menu haha) though. :)

After eating, we were then given GC's by Jeff to spend while we're doing our rounds. Our first stop was of course TOPSHOP!

These are the items which caught my fancy...

Love the bow:)

denim shirt--every girl's staple.

Love this cut-off shorts. And love that it's polka!


Oversized sweater? yes please.

I'm obsessed with lace so liking this is a no brainer.

Love this trouser! Nice color too (nude pink).

Melai said this shoes is so me. :P

I say THIS is so me. White blazer! For P5K+.

Also love this vest.

TOPMAN is also the place to be! There are lots of nice items there that you can fool your brother or bf's into buying--and then steal it from their closet. Haha.

Love the anchors all over!

cute bf jeans.

Sneakers that girls can buy too!

I wanted to buy this necklace but unfortunately I forgot to go back after the event. :( It's on sale for P399!

cute socks. (i have a thing for anchors)

Love the rosary necklace!

Of course, we had to try on some of the clothes. There was also a contest at the end of the event so we took as many photos as we can.

I chose to mix clothes from both shops to show you guys the versatility of their clothes. I tried on a skinny jeans from Topman and a shirt and blazer from Topshop. Melai chose to model a green dress she fell in love with.

For my 2nd look I tried on the USA flag shorts and of course my fave denim shirt! Here's me showcasing the denim on denim trend again.

I've been looking for the perfect loose tanktop. Found some in the store so I bought! Of course, using my GC. :) Total damage=P800. Still cheaper than Forever 21.


Next stop: DOROTHY PERKINS. This is where we shot our contest entry. Melai and I both love vintagey stuffs so we fell inlove with this store too.  

Love the print and the collar!

Cute flats.

Our contest entry! So 50's noh?
I also love the nude colored purse!

Our next stop: ACCESSORIZE! I am a huge fan of this store because they have a wide selection--from hats, bags, purses, hair accs, necklaces, bangles, etc. If I have all the money in the world I would take home half of what's in their store. Unfortunately I don't, so I'll do what I'm good at: wait for their sale events and buy items for less than half the price. Haha. Here are my favorites:

Love the shape and print.

Melai loves this bow headband...

...and I love this--so hippieish.

Their ring selection is lovely but it's not for budget conscious shoppers like me. Priced at P750. I can only drool.

cute purse:)

Nice belt.

Hats mania.

This bag costs P3K+. Love the details though.

Love the rose detail on this pearl necklace.

Crushing on this bangle (and it's on sale!)...

And this ethnic animal "chain" necklace!

Also got to meet the store's marketing specialist--Ayet Quimpo. Also took a picture with her (photo still with Melai will post soon!) She's so nice! She also got our numbers coz they'd be launching a new collection soon and she said she would like to invite us. Sweet :)

Our next stop: ROBINSON'S DEPARTMENT STORE! Most of you may not know this, but I actually worked for Robinson's before as a category officer/buyer for Mens and Ladies Accessories. So it was exciting for me to visit what was once I called "home". :) I was a little disappointed that I wasn't able to buy accessories (for a styling stint on Friday) from the store. There was only a minimal selection and not much variety. I hope they improve this. :) I was able to buy a lot from Ladies Wear though! And this is where I spent all my GC's. Haha.

Here are my loots:

Love this cute heart belt from Sunflower (P250)! I handled this brand before and the owner is the nicest. So shout out to Ms. Benny! Love your belt:) Also bought a black and white lace gloves (P60 each?) which I would use for my styling stint.

Robinson's Department Store also has a wide array of make-up brands. So for make-up enthusiasts out there this is the store to be. Bought my favorite concealer from L'oreal (P695). :) (Random: I now use my bobbi brown corrector and this true match concealer together, closest I could ever get to perfect looking eyes).

These dresses from Never Been Kissed really caught my fancy. The prints are too cute! Fits just right too. Only P329.75 each.

Love this loose tunic with gold pipings from Liberte for only P399.

I never saw or heard Mich this enthusiastic towards a store. She said she found the perfect store where she could buy shirts. I'm so happy I want to dance. Lol. She bought a plain v-neck tee from Penshoppe  which she wanted to return after she saw the brand Grab.a.Tee. They've got lots of amazing shirts and amazingly low priced too! I also went gaga over their shirts. So cheap and the styles and colors are nice!

Plain white tee she bought from Penshoppe for P399 and a baseball grab.a.tee shirt for P179!

Here are the other things which tickled my urge to shop! Sinful!

So Fab romper P699

Nude bow dress P499

So ecstatic that they now carry my favorite brand--Pink Manila! Shorts for P790

Pink Manila lace tunic

Looks familiar? I have this dress! At half the price too. Lol.

Cute shoes! Only for P399

Melai loves this!...

...and I love these cute ballet flats from Auztralian. 

We both love this!!!:)

I left the store with zero GC but with a lot on hand!

Our very last stop was Howards Storage World. It's a high end store where you could buy things for your house. I wouldn't normally shop here though because of the prices but I believe the quality of the items are extraordinary.

Microwavable food containers. P700+ each. But it's on sale--50% off.

Garment racks. The racks are just add ons.

  Cutest hooks for P600+ each.

  This I like and I will buy. Anything for my babies. Lol.

This whole set costs P100K+ if I remember correctly

I love the dividers on this drawer. This drawer alone costs P20K+ I think.

And the whole set costs approximately P120K.

Shoebox sets for P1200.

Laundry bag/hamper! I like! P999

Overall, the event was a success. I also love the new Wifi service of the mall. I now can surf or check my email using my nokia c3 while shopping or my laptop while eating in restos! Even if we didn't win we still felt like winners for the freebies and the smiles and laughters we all shared. Thank you Robinson's Malls!:) Til the next event.


  1. i love all your finds! especially those pink manila floral shorts!! is this in galleria?

  2. Aisa bat parang hindi naman kita nakitang bumili???? hahaha

  3. so many cute things i'm dizzy looking at all of them hehe! i'm in love with the polka dot cutoff shorts!

  4. hi there!
    nice shopping pics. nice fashion finds!
    Love shopping too!
    really nice blog.
    sayang, wasn't able to join your giveaways.
    more power!
    am one of your followers from now on.
    hope you'll drop by my blog.
    till then.

  5. I love L'oreal's True Match concealer! It's so cheap and I actually like it better than the expensive-ass one from Makeup Forever. Stupid me, I forgot to buy one while I was there. I'm almost out. :(

  6. Sounds like such an awesome event! I love the clothing you showed us. I wish I could shop in that mall!

    Embracing Style

  7. I love the finds in the furniture and storage sections...and those shoes mounted rack!!!! just amazing...

    I miss shopping at Topshop...wish they can come back ASAP in Central World...heheehe!!!

    it seems that you and Melai had a great time love...

    great finds...love the necklaces and the purses....

    take care love

  8. I fell in love with all the items from Topshop (even the ones from Topman) and Dorothy. But I can only afford the boat shoes from the department store. ARE THEY REALLY JUST P499?? And do you think Robinson's Galleria carries the brand?

  9. Evita Laurena8/19/2010 5:45 PM

    Thanks for shopping at Robinsons Department store! :)

    Im glad you liked the new Liberte...we have a lot of stuff coming that you'll surely love. Splurge some more and I know you won't regret it.

    Continue supporting Punkberry, Never Been Kissed and Accs (watch out for their new brand) w/c are all house brands of Robinsons as well.

  10. Nice to see you here mother eves!!!:) Excited for the new Accs brand!!!:) Yey!

  11. Nice to see you here mother eves!!!:) Excited for the new Accs brand!!!:) Yey!

  12. Evita Laurena8/25/2010 11:13 PM

    Syempre, support si Mother! :) You're doing a good job, sweetie..keep it up!

    I think the new Accs brand will come out this October. Watch out for our new RDS shoe brand that will come out mid September...fashyon shoes!!! Love! Love!
    Shop in RDS some more....especially in Liberte, hehe! Syempre that's my dept. :)

  13. Yey sau na pala Liberte!!!:) cool... sana mother damihan nio pa selection chaka sana may mga anchors, and bows na prints. haha demanding! Tama it's about time na makipagcompete na kau sa desings ng SM lalo na shoes...can't wait!:)

  14. Preachy Zorrilla8/31/2010 12:11 AM

    Thanks Ais for the blog. We will take note of your suggestions :D
    You're doing a great job! Keep it up!


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