FALL in love

One of FALL's most popular trend is the: Lace-up Boots. We might only have 2 seasons here in Manila--rainy and summer--but no heat or rain could ever stop us from dressing up! Lol. I've been looking for a nice lace up closed boots since forever and I finally found the perfect one from Melai's online store! I got confused choosing between 2 styles (coz you know I can't buy both! I'm poor!). Luckily, I found a pair exactly like one of my choices (but in brown) being sold in ebay--and in my size! So I bought it instantly. Today, I got the package. And--I've FALLen inlove! Love how the shoe fits and it looks new too. :) Guess I'm ordering this style after all but this time in black. :)

I can actually run and do jumping jacks in this. Haha!

And here's an outfit post....

romper-greenhills, shirt-thrifted, brogues - from friend, hat - ebay, accessories-accessorize & ebay

Pardon the clothes hanger. Hahaha. And thanks dad for taking my photos! :P

Good day everyone:)


  1. great boots!! ive been eye-ing some pairs from jc! :D im totally obsessing over shoes lately.. it's a bad expensive thing to be obsessed about. hahahaha!

    Animated Confessions

  2. oh yeah loving the lace-up boots so much! and the bowler hat too. :) xx


  3. I love your boots and hat :P
    Are you planning to sell bowler hats :>?

  4. Love your new shoes! That romper is great. I have been afraid of wearing rompers, but would not mind try one like yours!

    Embracing Style

  5. Love this!

    Check out my blog spot and follow me ;-)


  6. im looking forward for more posts with your oh so lovely boots (while doing jumping jacks..hehe)..

    im desperate to find the perfect boots, especially DMs... parehas tayo, poor rin LOL. where will I look? :))

  7. love the boots...that is really something that i should consider looking here in Bangkok..I know somewhere I can find it...hehehee!!!

    love the outfit too...
    take care gorgeous!!!


  8. I love those boots, they look sturdy! I hope they have them in other colors. I can't check the link though, it seems broken. =/ Oh, and I wish I could find a bowler hat like your here. I've been looking everywhere but mostly in department stores they just have fedoras :(

  9. hey, i tried checking out the link you posted on those lace up boots but somethings wrong with it. would you mind linking us again? very much interested!!


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