City of Pines: Day 1

A friend just gave me a new nickname: DORA--as in the explorer. She said I can't stay put and just hole up in place. Haha. Yesterday--straight from work--I went to a photoshoot for a styling stint (will blog about that when I get back from Baguio). After the shoot I had to go work again and leave a few hours later for our  Baguio trip. I was awake for more than 24 hours. If my body can talk I'm pretty sure she'd tell me how lousy of an owner I am. 

Anyway, we left for Baguio at around 6am (I love Victory Liner coz they're always on time). And yes, I slept the whole trip. We got to our destination at around 12pm. My uncle has an apartelle and a house there so we didn't have any problem with accomodations. It's been 4 years since I came here and here I am back again!


So if anyone out there is looking for a great place to stay in Baguio.
Just click on the photo below (to enlarge) for our apartelle's address and contact number. :)

Yes, I just had to take a photo. Lol.

This was taken at around 3pm and we haven't eaten lunch yet. So I dragged Mich to Sizzling Steak. Just because I miss eating there and it brings back some fun childhood memories. :)
Love the country-ish design.

 Dunno why I'm making that face but please--pardon my eyebags!

I ordered this humongous t-bone steak and I loved it. Still delicious. Mich of course helped me finish it. Hehe. We were so full after that we can barely walk. Hee. We (which means I) decided to spend the day thrift shopping so we can just focus on sightseeing the following days. So off to Bayanihan we went.

We weren't able to take follow-up photos coz I was so busy looking from rack to rack and Mich was trying hard to control her allergies. This is the only photo we took in between store hopping.

...eeek boots!:) I swear my face lit up (according to Mich) when I saw these babies. Too bad they're big on me! Bought something similar to it though inside the same store, so I still went out smiling. Haha.

We went out of the building with 5 shopping bags on hand! Took a photo of my loots when I went home. 

But considering my thrift record, this is not a lot. It's because the goods here are a lil pricey and maybe because there were too much stores I got dizzy going in each one of them. Haha! I suddenly missed the thriftshops in Manila. Prices are cheaper and I've memorized how the items are arranged so it's easier for me to look around. BUT, I still scored some great items. Here are some of them...

Inlove with the heels. :) 

Love the colors!

Nice uneven hem!  

Floral cardi which is prettier in actual!

Who can't resist this red polka shirt? 

...and this dress with bows all over?

After dropping off the items I've shopped, we headed out again for some late night stroll.

Choco Wacko addict.

Checking out the handpainted shirts at Session Road...

....and trying to finish the very spicy mangoes, but failed.

And there's that face again!:P

I'm passing out from sleepiness. So ciao! Come back tomorrow for more photos and stories!:) OH! And here's my outfit shot...

dress - Never Been Kissed (Robinsons), shoes - greenhills, jacket - thrifted, hat - ebay


  1. aaahhh so inggit!! i miss ukay!! :D you got so many good things!! :D lov the shoes most especially! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. Paaax!!! Ang dami mong napamili!!! Did you go ukay in Bayanihan??? Mukhang hindi ako makakapag-ukay coz kasama ko sina mama at papa. How did you find the weather? Love the first day outfit, dear!

  3. waaah kaya hindi rin ako makapag-ukay because of my allergies! anyway, that dress with lots of bows is super pretty, can't wait for the OOTD! take care. :)

  4. i loove d boots! gurl anu un dms ba ung boorts?

    san kau kumain. the place is familiar

  5. Couldn't help but feel jealous hahaha :> I miss ukay and the cold weather! I don't get to explore that much when I'm in baguio since I'm usually with my family :P I love your new boots! <3

  6. I love your haul, especially the heels, the polka dotted blouse and the bow dress! :D

  7. love the outfit! and great buys!! :)

  8. Paxx!! Ang dami mong pinamili! Parang wala ka namang shopping ban. Haha. :) LOVE THE BOOTS TEH! Wala pa kong ganun eh, naghahanap pa lang :) Super nice finds! :)

  9. wow!! super love your thrift adventure! My personal favorite would be the floral cardi :) I've always wanted to go thrift shopping! i have in online stores, but not really Stores ITSELF. Do you know any good ones here in metro manila, ms. aisa?:)

    I love your outfit! and baguio wow..i think my last trip there was when I was probably 5? hehe.

  10. Wow! Great finds! And those shoes! To die for!
    Yay! I'll wait for the next posts!
    Enjoy! :D

  11. nainggit naman ako..
    click: http://onefrozenmargarita.blogspot.com/2010/08/hello-strangers.html

    thanks ^^

  12. Great outfit! Like your blog! Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?


  13. nice outfit. I like your dress ;)

  14. WOW you did score great items dear...mah gawd envy now!!!!

    I wish I had shopped today but we were just busy strolling around...still my wallet is in house arrest and shopping ban hahahah poor me...I am so inggit!!!!

    and you are a busy girl...but its okay traveling and getting around is fun...

    take care gorgeous!!!

    oh i have a blog giveaway in my site check it out...

    take care love

  15. hey you've been to bAguio! you're so lucky naman with your finds :)


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