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I was so pissed the last couple of days because something terrible happened to me. My supposedly birthday weekend in Palawan would not anymore push through. The travel agent recommended to me by my friend   ran with all of our money. I don't know what happened but it suddenly went bad. I don't normally book tours with random agents but I trusted my friend's judgement so I went for it. She already used that agent in her previous trips and all sailed smoothly, so I really don't know what happened this time. I'm not blaming my friend though. One of her friends even booked for a HK trip and paid a whooping P120K! I feel bad for her more than I feel bad for me. :( Mich had been asking me not to stress about it. It's actually Mich's gift for me she paid for it, but I really can't help feeling bad.. P10K was her hard earned money and that makes me sad. I told her I won't stop and  I'll do everything I can to catch the bad guys, and I still believe in karma. One day, it will bite them hard. I hope their karma's me! Haha. We're already thinking of  filing a case against all those involved. 

Mich had been very supportive and positive so I'm now feeling lighter. :) We decided to just push through with an out of town trip and we're going to Baguio instead. I've now moved on a little and I'm now starting to get super excited for Baguio. :)

On a lighter note, here's an outfit post!

dress - yourfashionpolice.multiply.com, shoes - ebay, hat-ebay, bag-thailand, accs - forever 21

Go visit YourFashionPolice , great items--i'm sure you'll find something you fancy!:)

Have a styling job tomorrow for Women's magazine. Hope everything goes well! Hope you're all having a great week my loves!

P.S. Swatches already posted (click HERE) for the pre-order brogues. :) Send me an email or text me for inquiries and orders! Last day of order submission is August 31. :)


  1. oh man...people like that would eventually get what's coming to them. I just hope it's sooner.

    on a lighter note, hope you enjoy Baguio!=) It's kinda rainy there now,but Ukay hunting is still fun!

  2. aww, I feel sorry for what happened. Hope you'll find justice soon! I'm excited for your Baguio post! :) and i love your shoes, been hunting for something like that too..:)

  3. that is so sad. just believe in karma dear.

    love love that dress! xx


  4. Oh noes, I'm really sorry to hear about your cancelled trip. :( I hope the travel agent gets what's coming to her someday.

    In other news, I love your outfit! And I bought a bowler hat on eBay too, probably from the same seller as you cos I paid in AUS dollars. How quickly did it arrive? I sent a message specifying a black bowler hat pero the seller didn't reply to confirm it.

  5. Darling girl, do make a case against them! Justice should be served. Hope you're all right.

    We have the exact same shoes, by the way! ;)

  6. I love love your outfit, Pax! Good luck on your styling job. I know you can pull it off! Ikaw pa ;)

  7. That outfit is amazing! You are a great stylist!

    So sorry to hear about your trip :(

    Embracing Style

  8. great outfit! as always! and I believe in karma as well :) I don't know what I'd do if that happens to me! they said "don't sweat the small stuff" but 10k is NOT small stuff, at least for me, so it's totally normal to stress about it! other than that, you're handling it very well, they'll get what they deserve :)

  9. woaaaah :| that really sucks! Don't worry though, you still look fab haha ;) Yup, just psych yourself up for Baguio!
    btw, i <3 your dress with the shoes :)

  10. oh wow, that really sucks when things like that happen! i believe that they will get their karma. you may not know what it is, but for sure it will be 10x worse than what they did to you. :)

  11. im so sorry to hear about that incident with the agent.. tsk tsk.. :) hope you feel better.. baguio's nice still naman eh.. :)

    anyway, love that you're wearing boots with this dress!!! perfect contrast! :D

    Animated Confessions

  12. i super love this, pax! and cool yung yellow shades. it goes well with the outfit. ang dami na nating freebies ha! :P

  13. girl you totally nailed this look PERFECTLY !
    i got nothing more to criticize !!


  14. i love how you put together your clothes pax! :D sobra!! cant wait for tomorrow excited nako na kabado! :p but im sure carry natin to!! thank youuu and see youuu!!

  15. Aisa ang ganda mo naman dito.. Aaaw girl sorry to hear na na-scam kayo.. I'm so sad. Happy birthday sayo! Kelan ba exactly? Itext mo. Para mabati kita! Sana masaya kayo sa baguio trip girl! :)

    Love your style! Umaariba ka na girl!
    Stylist na weee :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  16. love the outfit, you look amazing

  17. oh that agent!kakarmahin din yun,pax.
    im jealous!i love baguio.i wanna come with you.hehe.

    im inlove with that dress too.you rock,gurl!


  18. oh love...I am loving your outfit...its so comfortable...

    love the shades too...

    btw, I am still contemplating about the shoes in your previous post...

    they have some oxford shoes here but I am still in a shopping ban...so too bad....

    totally loving it!!!

    take care gorgeous

  19. That dress is absolutely amazing, you look stunning and I really love the poloroid effect you have used

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  20. that outfit is just awesome.:D

    thanks for dropping by, btw.
    kathi folds five

  21. awww... come to cebu instead, guapa ^^

  22. thanks for informing us... we are off to palawan too this month end, hopefully nothing bad will happen.

    i do hope you get your money back and will be able to have a lovely birhday vacay. :)

  23. Hello there my chitopian friend! lol I'm so cheesy.I love your blog! I checked it out and ts great! And this outfit is one of my favorites from you!


  24. Sweet outfit! Love the bag and boots!


  25. So sad for what happened! I don't understand why things like that to good people! :(

    On a lighter note, you look stunning Aisa! Xx

  26. I can't believe some people aren't afraid of karma and just go running around with people's money. Sorry to hear that, ms. pax :( but at least there is always a bright side :D

    I've been reading your blog a lot and i would like to ask if its okay if i link you?:) thanks! and nice outfits as always!


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