Saturday Madness

Went to a meeting with my bazaar-mates at Megamall with only 4 hours of sleep. Now I have a terrible headache. Anyway, our meeting went well. We already have a gameplan as to how we'll fix our booth. This is all our first so we're kinda excited. Haha. I also went out today to conitnue my quest of finding the perfect bowler hat--which of course failed. BUT I did score some lovely new finds!

Hello Kitty ring from the Eastwood bazaar

Vintage looking Rayban glasses from Eastwood (love that it's yellow!)

And I'm not usually the rubber shoes type of gal. But this I love! So I bought. Haha.

The fit is perfect and I love that it's high cut! Will wear this tomorrow to our movie date! I'm thinking of wearing it with a white buttondown shirt and denim shorts. What do you guys think? :)

Anyway, here are the rest of the few photos we took...

Churros fix at Dulcinea
 I massacred the thing.

Strawberry merengue that's too sweet for my taste.

Went around to search for hats--which again failed. 

Dinner at Sizzling Pepper (nothing beats Pepper Lunch though). Yes, I know we eat a lot.

Tried on my new glasses while waiting for our orders. So Tita Cory noh?

Chow time!

We went home afterwards 'coz I was too tired, I was literally like a walking corpse. I was drooling all the way home! Haha!

And here's how I wore my chic reward! Just the first of my many ways of wearing it.

Cherry dress-thrifted, Shoes- Millies, Bag - Liz Claiborne, Hat - from Chictopia!

And when I got home there was a sweet surprise waiting for me-- my feature at La Mimi

 Thanks Mimi love for making me your fashion idol (yeeeez naman haha) of the week! =)

P.S. I will be conducting my first blog giveaway VERY SOON!!!


  1. Ive seen a bowler hat (I think) in SM dept store ladies section here in cebu. Its made of fiber/plastic thingy and it comes in black and cream. u like?

  2. Aisa, I love your rayban glasses. And yes, I'll try to post more outfit shots soon! Hehehe

    Try to check out SM Dept. Store. They have lots of new hats. :)

    Alexa ♥

  3. Yey! i'll check your blog often. i already checked SM but they don't have bowler hats.=c

  4. i love your shots babe! made me crave for churros con chocolate from Dulcinea too! looooove it! you look stunning btw! and YES for the big bowler hat search!


  5. oh cool! :D i just had my churros fix friday night in dulcinea heehee!
    love the new purchases, and im not sneakers/rubbershoes girl din, but i love that one from keds a! :D

  6. Yay for your Kitty-chan ring!!! I love Hello Kitty!!! Love the outfit as always!!!

    Btw, my latest post is inspired my your last post... Hahaha!!! Thanks babe!

  7. congrats on the feature. and omg, CHURROS! I DIE!!! i miss that bad bad bad!!

    Animated Confessions

  8. Im lovin' your blog dear!
    I followed you btw. :)


  9. you look adorable :)


  10. love your blog dear! and im on the search for the perfect hat as well. congrats on your chic reward :)

  11. the hello kitty ring is so cute! I want it!

  12. Check this pic Aisa if this is really a bowler hat. I just love this shape, purchased it from SM cebu.. c:


  13. @Mario- yes!!!:) is that the one with the checkered design around?

  14. @Aisa: the design is more like a resemblance of a weave, in circular motion. it's plain black with ribbon thingy around it. good thing i bought it, one of the best impulse buys HAHA. My search is over (for now). I still want the Felt bowler hat..hehehe




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