I love Mr. Mailman & Day 4

Okay so here's another entry from the 30-day challenge. I decided to skip #3 and do #4 instead, just for today. Will then do #3 on my next post. Okay, I know I'm weird like that. So... a habit I wish I didn't have-- okay, it's gonna be my LIP SKINNING (major) and NAILBITING (minor). I swear, I can't stop. I always mess up my hard earned manicure and I can't ever wear lipstick because of it. When I do these two I fall into a deep trance (especially my lip abuse). I would only stop when a friend or whoever asks me to 'coz my lip is already bleeding. Argh. I wanna go to lip skinning rehab.

Speaking of habits. I think my only habit that I love is shopping! And speaking of shopping, here are the lovely new things I got from the mail today...

  It's my hat from Chictopia Rewards! Yey!:)

Printed tights I ordered from Ebay.

Hearts Hearts:)

Bows! Love:)

Geometric skirt from fashionstopshop. Thanks Melai!

And I'm lovin' my new sheets!

Now, sleeping can be fun and colorful!

It's gonna be a busy weekend for me. Will meet with my 2 friends, whom I'd share the Port 88 booth with, tomorrow. We're gonna be discussing other details like booth design (we're going for vintage), tags, etc. Oh, it's gonna be a busy day. Hope I can document how it all goes! Then on Sunday I'll start washing the clothes myself. I don't rely on laundry shops anymore coz I don't like the smell of the clothes after. So I opted to do it my way. God give me the strength not to pass out or feel lazy (highly likely). Have a good weekend!:)


  1. wow, you have a very pretty full name pala! =) can i snatch your 30 day challenge? i feel like i'll enjoy doing it..thanks..oh, and your blog is part of my daily reads, hehe..

  2. oohhhh i got some stuff in the mail today too!!!! i love our mailman too! hahahaha! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. love your new stuff!!! and see you at the port88 bazaar! :D come visit our booth!

  4. @trililipigs - thanks po!:) and sure can't wait to see your 30 day challenge post!:)

    @Sybil - Show us na!:)

    @Lloyda - I will!!!:) See you!

  5. i love your online finds! i love getting mail from my purchases too! its like chirstmas day! teeheee! love the boater hat too btw!

    Joanna Ladrido

  6. @JL- correct! like Christmas. Hehe:)Thanks babe!:)

  7. those are gorgeous stockings, and nice hat, pax!!! :)

  8. Great haul! Love the bow tights and your sheets!


  9. thanks Dani!=) hope you could join my giveaway!

  10. Oh, your shopping habit is definitely one habit you don't need to break. haha. Cute hat!


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