Taste Test: Slice N' Dice

It's good to know that there is actually a steak place where the steaks are not priced P500 and above (which is kinda usual). Say hello to Slice N' Dice. I've first eaten at Slice N' Dice when Mich was still living in Wack-Wack shaw. It's a nice break from all the fastfood we've been eating. And the price is not bad as well.

So we got all excited when we saw a branch near our apartment in Q.C. More specifically at Daily 20th ave. Cubao. It's a nice place with good food that won't break your budget.

Baked mussels - P125
Steak with stir fried kangkong - P149

And that's a huge t-bone steak (and very hot chili flakes). Which I finished off. Yum.

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  1. freakishly hot chili flakes. i've never seen you "blush" that much since our trip to thailand. pero sa thailand ka lang gumive up - muntik lang maka talo yung steak.

    siguro patay na yung tastebuds mo. i'll inspect later.


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