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Okay. I'm starting to hate Cebu Pacific. Everytime they conduct their seasonal promo fares I always book a trip someplace. I think I'm gonna finish off all Asian countries this year. Hopefully. More promo fares pls? Haha.

I booked a flight to Vietnam for April. Hongkong and Macau's fare is actually cheaper but you can't just bring P5K and expect to survive there. That's why I just opted for Vietnam. I was choosing between that or Malaysia but I thought I could visit Malaysia later. Maybe even make a sidetrip to Singapore too.

So why Vietnam? Coz it's cheap there. The hotels are cheap, the food, everything. I already have a list of hotels to choose from. And the most expensive room rate I saw was P1,700 a night for 2 persons including breakfast. Totally sweet! We're also just planning to tour the country--no shopping or expensive whatever sprees. We're also planning to cross Cambodia by bus. But I have to thoroughly research on that though 'coz it's more complicated than it sounds. So anyway, I'm quite certain I could just bring P5K and actually survive (not including the airport tax and terminal fee).

I placed Mich in charge of the tours. These are just some of the places I want to take a peek-see!

Mekong Delta River Tour

Chu Chi Tunnel

But I can't wait to eat authentic Vietnamese food! Yums! More tomorrow! Gotta run and go gyming. Muscle aches again. Argh.

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