Adios and Ola!

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2009 is nearing it's end and I'm feeling a lot surreal. A lot has happened to me this year--heartaches, heartbreaks, new beginnings and experiences. Here are just some of the highlights of this past year:

1.) Lost loves and New loves - I need not say more. :)

1.) I've been blessed enough to be able to visit a lot of new places. Hongkong, Thailand, Boracay, Punta Fuego, Thunderbird, etc. And now I can't wait to get to see more next year. :)

2.) Success of my online store in Ebay. Which was really a huge source of my personal funds. I'm thankful for all my loyal clients who had been really nice, forgiving and supportive to me.

3.) Got a new apartment. I still spend my weekends in Marikina but I now find our 14th ave. crib a home away fom home.:)

4.) Bacolod/La Carlota Trip - when we celebrated Mama Sally's 85th birthday by giving her a huge birthday bash. That's not even enough to say thanks to a loving Lola and mother. She deserves a bigger celebration of her life.:)

5.) Style Evolution - I think I've discovered (and still discovering) my personal style this year. And now, I'm happy to share it with the world. :P

6.) Book Fest - This was also the year when I've read the most number of books. One of my true passion.

7.) I had my hair permed!

8.) Philantropy - I was involved in charity this year than any other years of my life. And I plan to do more next year. So help me God.:)

9.) Typhoon ONDOY - when we rose from the tragedy with open hearts and a lot of smiles. Optimism is a good motivation, but FAITH and GRACE is the best mover.

10.) I've reduced smoking! (which is quite a feat for me)

This was truly the year when my emotions were tested to the core. When I felt things I thought I would never feel in my whole life. When I made the most difficult choices and had to learn to stand by my decisions. And despite everything, I'm extremely thankful for all the blessings God has given me. And if he continues to send more my way on 2010 I will be more and more thankful. I'm also thankful for all the second chances and even more for all the failures. I've come out from each one of them--stronger and wiser (I hope). And now I'm hopeful as ever. Some of you may have lost more than you gained this year--people you love, material things, security, etc.--but the one thing we should never lose is FAITH (and resilience). It saves me everytime. I hope it does the same to you.

So let's give a toast to the coming year...

To Mich--

And to all of you--

2009 had its moments, but I'd be glad to kiss it goodbye.
I hope 2010 would be kinder to all us.



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