Holiday at Callospa

I wasn't able to give Mich anything on her birthday 'coz we were in HK then. But even before our trip I was already planning something for her. Since she loves getting pampered (massage, foot spa, etc.) I decided to look for a great spa to go to and celebrate her b-day. After one day of searching I narrowed down my list to Nature Spa, Serendipity Spa and our favorite Callospa. Since Callospa is the most accessible and we had the best spa experience there last Feb. -- I decided to book a room there and their spa package. And since Mich is the nosiest girl ever I told her about the spa service thing. She was not aware we would be spending a night there. I even secretly packed overnight clothes for her and had to hide my bag 'coz I hid her stuffs there.

Anyway, we traveled to Antipolo with high hopes of a good spa experience again. But we just went home disappointed. I wish Mrs. Garcia was there to attend to us instead and not her (really sorry for the word) incompetent staff and manager. There are 2-3 staffs who are very helpful but the rest pissed me off big time. Here's my story:

We got there at around 4:15 pm and went straight to the reception area. I told the girl in charge that I called earlier for a reservation. I had the New Wing Suite reserved as well as their affordable escape package + ear candling. The manager gave the staff the key and we followed her to our room. We even took pictures coz we were sooo excited to get pampered and finally have a relaxing weekend.

I told Mich that the room looks disorganized. She said it looks fine. So I went to the bathroom to check if it's clean. I didn't like the smell so I called Mich. She said it's only because the floor is wet. I told her to lift the toilet seat coz I wanted to pee. But suprise! There are feces in toilet. They let us check in a room that was not yet cleaned. The room was damp and the sheets and pillowcases were not yet changed! I was not even that angry (I'm sure other guests would be fuming mad after that) when I went to the reception again to talk to the manager. I didn't want to tell them about the situation so as not to embarrass them. I just asked her if we could look at the other rooms. A nice staff showed us the rooms (there was one with a dead cockroach in it). I told her I still like the suite we were in earlier but that it's still dirty when we checked-in, she told us someone just checked-out of the room. If someone checked just cehcked out fo the room than why are there clean towels and 2 robes (see pic) on the not clean sheets?

I'm not a hotel owner or spa owner but I know that if someone just checked-out of a room they should clean it first before giving the next occupants the room. Right? They said they'll clean it so we didn't make too big of a fuss. While waiting we decided to avail the spa packages first. I brought up the dirty suite situation to the manager but she didn't say anything. If the real owner was there (whom I met last Feb.) she would have been gracious enough to apologize or offer us something to appease our anger. I still let that go. I told Mich I just want to get a massage.

Unlike our stay last Feb. no one was attending to us. We looked like lost kids. We had to look for someone to ask for water when we were in the steam room. Last Feb. it was served as soon as we got in. It's a good thing a nice girl attended to us after wards.

It's a good thing the jacuzzi was still nice. 'Coz before that I was telling Mich I didn't want to spend the night there anymore. That I just wanted to go home. But we thought it might get better after. It did. Someone nice attended to us after the jacuzzi. She even showed us our clean room. So I told Mich we'd just spend the night there.

Our ear candling session was great. The massage not so much. I asked the masseuse for a soft massage and to minimize the pressure but I think she didn't understand me. When I asked her to decrease the pressure (coz I'm all bones and the pressure goes directly to my bones kaya it hurts) she just said "Masakit po talaga yan mam kasi lamig yan". So I had to endure the pain. A staff was also fighting with someone on her cellphone that it can be heard in the whole floor. I was thinking, "Stress free ba to?". I don't know what happened but the last time I was there I really had the best spa experience and now--this. I can't wait to go to our room after and eat. The manager was the one who called up Pizza Hut for our orders. So while we were wathcing TV our food arrived. We ordered pasta and pizza and a bottle of Pepsi. I was expecting them to serve us water or bring us glasses for our Pepsi but they didn't. And we had to drink straight from the Pepsi bottle. I also jsut let that go since I was hungry. But there was no fork for the pasta! So I asked Mich to go to the reception to borrow a fork. She came back with tiny tiny dessert plastic spoons instead. I said, "What the F?!". So I myself went to the manager and asked if we could borrow a fork since we can't eat our food. She said they don't have any. WOW. Unbelievable. So we ate pasta using plastic spoons. An extreme talent. Wow.

I was so tired and stressed I slept like a baby. I woke up at around 9. Mich woke up an hour before me. I asked Mich to ask for our breakfast. She came back saying our breakfast is ready. If Mich didn't go down we wouldn't know it's ready. I was hungry so I still let that go. Mich said the utensils are dirty. And they didn't serve us water. Only coffee. How can I eat all that food and drain it down with coffee? So we were turning our necks to find someone who could help us. A guy passed by (a worker there) and we asked if he could ask someone to bring us water since we already started eating. He just pointed at the reception area so Mich stood and looked for someone to help us instead.

We were out of there within an hour out of dismay. I am really sad and disappointed. Coz I loved that place. I even chose Callospa over Nature Spa Tagaytay. I even blogged before that the experience is better than any spa I've been in. It was my number 1 spa before the whole thing happened. It saddens me because I was really expecting a memorable stay again. And I because I have high respects for the owner. I love how gracious she was and accommodating when we went there last Feb. And I don't think she knows what's happening when she's not there. I don't know why they didn't give us the service we deserve when we paid naman.

I am open for any clarifications or explanations. And I am only accounting what happened to us. My mom said, "Ambait niyo naman kung ako yung nagwala nako dun!". Oh well.


  1. why not write a letter to the owner? you should have took pictures of the poopoo and ipis... hahahaha... or just put everything in writing na lang.. malay mo i compensate and reklamo??? hahahaha...

  2. i did na! i texted them pa. Wala pa din answer til now. Bahala sila. Hehehe.


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