Giving Back

I'm thinking of organizing a Christmas party for street kids (or participating in one). For me that's the best gift you could give to anyone and to myself. The temporary happiness you would be giving them could last a lifetime in their hearts and hopefully their minds. Wishing that touching their small hearts could make them feel worthy and more hopeful, that somehow in someway--someone cares about them and is willing to give their time, energy, effort and most of all love to them. I admire Efren Penaflorida. At a young age he thought of something not even the most veteran politican may have thought of. His resources may not be enough but his vision and passion to uplift the youth and hopefully reform the society was enough to fuel his project. I hope the youth of today would follow his lead.

We are not rich and we do not have enough resources-- but I have the passion for charity that not all people or my friends know of. That's why whenever I hear someone giving back I feel happy. At least in someway they too share my vision. That's why I can't say no to Unicef agents asking me to sign up in their programs. How can you say no to a chance to send 3 kids to school? A chance to be able to give them medicine? A chance to help them grow into someone you wanted to be when you were still the same age as them? I have friends who says they can't participate because they have enough obligation in their own households. I think that's an even bigger reason to join. We can all be a catalyst for change. Any act--big or small-- can start a social revolution.

Clint let's meet and discuss ! Who wants to join?:)

Last year we participated in a charity event "Puso-sa-Puso" it was held in Tondo, Manila. Here are some of our photos:


the kids

face painting

the kids waiting outside

man-ing the registration table

me, lily, anne and gabe. :)

They will be having another event this coming weekend in Pasig. And we're joining again!:) This time volunteers will be handling 5 kids each. Volunteers are still very much welcome. Text me!


  1. pen and paper ready!!!! plus camera... i do it every christmas eve.. i give out groceries to the homeless.. small noche buena lang for them... since taga cubao kana.. mas madali i execute and mga ito.. im in...

  2. eto catch.. pwede ka na mag go into shopping mode (without the rationalizing part)

  3. yehey! cge let's meet! text moko. D ako pwede lang this weekend kc may puntahan kami Mich. Hmmm. Next weekend? pero too late na. text text.


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