Search for Ballet Flats still on...

So yesterday I went to M)phosis in Megamall and I still left the store disappointed. So I met up with Mich to eat some late lunch first. We tried Jatujak, a Thai resto and coffee shop near Toy Kingdom. And it's awesome.

I had a fight with Mich so she bought me 3 sylvannas from Beard Papa as suhol. Saraaaap.
That's me trying my best to ignore her (coz I was still a lil mad) in which I failed.Boo.

Chicken Pandan - P200; It's super tasty.

and bagoong rice forever. Yum.

So we kissed and made up after eating (busog na eh d na mainit ulo, haha). And we went to St. Francis afterwards to return some dysfunctional Dvds we bought there and to try and find a nice flats (coz I can feel my feet bleeding from walking in pumps!). As usual we died in vain. Well I died in vain. So I dragged Mich to Podium. As I was trying not to trip and limp too much, a nice girl from Unicef approached us. She shared with us what we could do to help children get off the streets, etc. etc. So that ended with me signing the form (5 times! And they said it's a superstar thing! Boleros). For just a mere amount every month I will be able to help children. Well, at least the cause is worth it. I even got a nice Unicef pin. :)

I hope others would take the lead in helping kids. May it be by outreach programs or just monthly payments thru your credit card. I am not rich (so much far from it, I sell things from my closet to be able to buy new things) and I also help in paying bills at home. But it still feels nice to give something back to the world once in a while. Especially when you know you're luckier (as in super lucky) than those kids on the streets.

We went to Topshop afterwards hoping to find some shoes there. But then again, there's none. Haha. BUT, I got to buy a nice skinny black pants for almost 1/4 of the original price!

I just love SALEs. AND hate it. I still have that weird love-hate relationship thing going with shopping. I wasn't able to find any pretty black flats BUT I however was able to buy a nice pair of Gold ballet flats in CMG for P799. :)

me paying.
me wearing. Now my feet's happy. I got callouses as big as a bus. Seriously.

We went home happily (and poorer) ever after. Well, I went home happy and Mich tired. No shopping on August. Seriously.

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