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So I've been looking for the perfect ballet flats and guess how many I found??? Nadah, none, zero. :c The last time I bought some nice flats was last Feb. in Hong Kong (a store in Mongkok selling ballet flats for $99 for 2 pairs!). Since I've been using them everyday it's now--destroyed. Literally. My other destroyed pair of flats (from overusage) was from a subway station in Singapore (for P300!). Argh. I've been looking all over (malls, ebay.ph, multiply) and I still can't find what I'm looking for.

Aimee suggested Anthology but I don't like the shape of their shoes. And I saw one in Steve Madden but it costs P2500 (wag na uy!). I even visited Dorothy Perkins and Topshop and I still went home disappointed. I discoverd that H&M have nice ballet flats but then walang H&M dito. SUCKS. So here I am googling away still on the quest of finding the perfect pair of black flats (or other colors if possible:P).

Found a very very useful blog (check it out!) that led me to these adorable flats. If my quest to M)phosis proves to be frustrating, I am ordering one of these (sucks that I really had to ask my boss a favor. Boo).

Steve Madden Tillary - on sale for $36.00

Madden Girl Heavenly - $39.95

Type Z NENA - $35.08

So that's it pancit. It's a little pricey but I'm already drowning in desperation. Argh. Wala nakong magamit. Sheetz.

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