Yesterday Mich and I had a fight about my previous post: Steve Aoki. I like him, she think he sucks. So we argued for about 2 hours. But when we realized how stupid we were for wasting 2 hours over fighting we decided to make up. Heehee! Funny. But she still won't apologize for telling me I'm a sheep (for thinking someone's cool just because a lot of people thinks they're cool--which is totally FALSE!). Grr.

Anyway, we went to Medical City yesterday for my first day in therapy (scoliosis and butt sore, haha). Turns out my appointment was 11 but my paper said 12 (don't know if I wrote the wrong time or the PT did). Oh well. I was just told to come back on Tuesday.

Was so tired I snoozed as soon as my feet touched my bed. No lunch or dinners. Shucks.

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  1. He does suck! Just look at that video on his blog or something. I tried to convince myself that he's somewhat OK but I just can't. Too bad. Nyahahhaha.


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