I ♥ Thrifting

I really really do. I've gotten over ukays years ago but then I fell in love with Lullie Vintage (an online store in ebay and also visit her style blog). So now I'm back to thrift shopping armed with a sharper fashion sense (and so I believe) and a more creative perspective and intuition. :P I also got my vintage online store inspiration from her. I'm now thinking of taking up a course in clothing tech or just a plain sewing lesson (so I won't have to ask my mananahi to get the work done) and buy my own steaming iron, then I'd be all set. I'm hopeful I'd be able to do that this year.

So anyway, as I've said I love thrift shopping and thrift shops are my playground. You should ask Mich, she said I go gaga whenever I enter one. Well, that's true. Just thinking how I can have a vintage dress repaired, or a skirt shortened, or a top tightened to fit me or my buyers, it pumps up my adrenaline.

Here are some of my buys when I visited my Lola's hometown in Bacolod and La Carlota 2 weeks ago. My sister and I were able to buy 2 dresses, 9 tops, 5 skirts and 2 bags for only more or less P1,300! FUN.

Left - super cute blue skirt with sheared bottom; Right - Blue/white stripes skirt (both highwaist and both only for P50)

nice vintage LV bag (i'm sure fake naman haha) - P150; And nice clutch bag - P100

... next week my cousin and I are going to my favorite thrift shop in Cubao. I'm sure I'd be able to buy a lot of dresses again. Eeee, can't wait!

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