Pre-Vacation : Thailand

...so after weeks of holding off reservations and other things Mich and I finally booked a hotel and tours for our June 5 Thai vacay. After countless days of browsing over 1 million hotels we finally settled for one that we didn't even think about. I just came across the website yesterday thought the place looks new, asked Mich then which she exclaimed "Book! Book!". And so we did. Haha. We're finally staying at Ecotel Bangkok and I'm hoping it looks better in actual.

If you want discounted rooms and tours I advise you to book via HotelThailand.com. They can arrange hotel bookings, tours, transportations, etc. for you. We were able to get a discounted room and a free city tour (we chose The Royal Grand Palace tour)!

We also booked for the Ayutthaya World Heritage Tour (coz we just love ruins!).

And the River Kwai with Elephant Safari and Bamboo Rafting Tour. It's a lil expensive but I think it's worth it since we'd be abe to see many places. And I'd be able to see the Death Railway and War Cemetery! (remember how I'm so obsessed with war shits?!) Haha, fun.

And then of course shopping shopping shopping. And Siam Oceanpark! We still have 2 weeks to go and Mich still doesn't have her DOST clearance (she needs it to be able to get out of the country since she was a government scholar and a Cum Laude! Gusto ko lng isingit haha). I am now excited even with 2 reported swine flu cases. So what!!!! I have high hopes.:)

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