Style File: April 27

... Mich and I forced Lily to take our picture. Haha! After 3 takes, here's us.. and our new tops which we bought last weekend. Mich is starting to be an enthusiastic shopper! :)

Pardon me for my funny face. Kc naman eh I was trying not to laugh! Yan tuloy...

(Aisa: red/white stripes polo shirt from Human, sale for P350; Mich: Polo shirt from Solo on sale for P399).

I'm not a fan of Bench or Human (mostly because their sizes are big for me). But this polo fits me fine, the color is great and the design is pretty. I bought that last Sunday because I also desperately wanted to get out of my skirt and cardigan! So here I am a few hundreds poorer. Boohoo. Go green!

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