Saving the Earth One Step at a Time

... in my previous entry it's heartbreaking how a dolphin died from swallowing a black plastic bag. Looking back, I've been thinking of ways on how to contribute in taking care of Mother Earth (I can hear Lily lecturing about it, haha!). So I joined UST-Mountaineering Club. Although it's not as hardcore in earth saving than Haribon (hi to Lily again!), it opened my eyes and made me aware og God's magnificence and the gift he gave us that we just take for granted. Every mountain I climb leaves me in awe and overwhelmed because of the beauty I see that is far from what I witness everyday in the city. So every climb and upon descent we try to pick up all the trash we see. And everyday I try to see to it that I am properly disposing my garbage (from candy wrappers to big plastic bags). In the city where I live (pink city of Marikina!) our local government is seriously implementing their waste segregation program wherein it was mandated that garbage be separated and labeled before being picked up. Non-compliance would result to a fee or your garbage would be left behind. It was also overwhelming that a lot of people all over the world took part in the Earth Hour. Mich and I were at a resto in Cubao when that happened and I got excited when the store personnels started putting candles on tables and lighting them 10 mins. before the drill. But it disappointed me a bit that some lights were still turned on and they turned all the lights on after 15 mins. (they said due to ventilation). But my disappointment quickly turned to delight when we got off at my Lola's house afterwards. My cousins, friends and titos are all outside coz they participated.

So that brings me here...now. Last weekend while I was shopping with Mich I thought next time we go out again I would already bring a re-usable shopping bag. I feel stupid for not thinking about that sooner. But oh well better late than never. I was also talking to Kathy and Lily awhile ago and they too have started that trend. They are now bringing their own go-green reusable shopping bags whenever they go grocery shopping or shopping anywhere. I think that's noble. How a little act such as that could make a big difference in the future. I am looking for a nice reusable shopping bag to use, one that has a "Go Green" or whatever message so I could also use it to promote our earth saving cause. Maybe it could influence others to follow the Green path to greatness. You can also use brown paper bag or "bayong" (why not!) instead of the shopping bags. But then bags made from recyclable non-plastic are what's being mostly used now. A lot of clothing stores, supermarkets, etc. etc. are now selling these. I saw one at Bench. We (kathy Lily and I) on the other hand have lots from our US vendors (we love samples!).

Remember: Plastics are non-biodegradable trash. After we use them they go straight to open dump sites or land fills. Some are dumped in our rivers and seas. Most of the plastics are used shopping bags from groceries, department stores or any other stores. If we can just cut our plastic usage each year we could help in preserving acres of land and our vast seas. In the end, we are still the ones who'd benefit from all this.

My pledge:

1) I promise to bring recycled shopping bags whenever I go shopping.
2) I will not use my aircon and bear the heat as much as I can.
3) I wll continue throwing smoke belchers my dagger look and will act as if I'm choking to death to let them know some people care!
4) I will decrease my water usage.
5) I will continue turning of the lights or electric fan or avr's when I'm not using them.
6) I will use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones. Remind me to tell my Dad!
7) I will bring my own mug when I go to Starbucks. (but I seldom go to Starbucks, but still..)

(photo from www.shopcrazy.com.ph; P295 from Body Shop)

(Anya Hindmarch : I am not a plastic bag. Saw a lot of imitations in ebay)

...Anyone can make a difference. Always remember that!

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