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Last Thursday Mich and I went to 6th (my Lola's house) to pick up John Dave (our ampon). I was told he's gonna be awarded 4th honor the day after and he's got no shoes and other stuffs. So we took him to SM to buy stuffs for him. We ate at Mcdonalds (he said he wanted spaghetti; mababaw lang po gusto nia hehe) first since we haven't eaten lunch yet.

* he sure has grown! he was only 2 years old when we took him in. :)

We went to BDO afterwards since we're opening a bank account for him. My mom and I talked about it and we all agreed to put a few hundreds per month to his bank account so when he gets older or if something unexpected happens to my uncle (who's taking care of him right now) , he has something to hold on to so he could continue studying or he could still buy things he need. So when we got to the bank I was told to submit 1x1 pictures. So we went to Kodak to have our pictures taken. Well turns out they don't need mine, boo. So after an hour we got his green passbook, which I will hold until he's old enough to handle his own money.

So while we waited for Mich to have JD's documents photocopied, we went to the Children's shoes section to buy his new school shoes. I have been buying him cheap shoes, so this time I opted to buy him something more expensive but a lot sturdy. I thought he could use it for years hopefully anyway. After I asked him what he wants over and over he finally saw one he really likes. We bought some other stuffs for him afterwards. I noticed as time passes he gets more hyperactive! Our final stop was Pancit Malabon (Mich bought some food for the people looking after my Lolo in the hospital) where we ate meryenda and waited for our take-out as John Dave kept on teasing cheeks. Hahaha! Well, it was an improvement coz before he never really talks.

We headed to WCC hospital after to visit my grandfather. And yes, even if I complain a lot about them, I love my family.

We spent most of our time chatting on the hallway. Haha. We also weighed ourselves afterwhich some freaked out (after finding out how much they weigh, my mom's one of them) . I'm now 93 lbs. from 89. I gained 4 lbs! Wow. Sana totoo db.

* my cousin Rj. Guess how much he weighs?:)

* ang kukulit lng. The one in yellow is our neighbor.
* camwhores. haha

Hope our family outing pushes through. It would be so much fun!

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