Happy Day

Last Saturday after work Michelle and I headed to Podium. I know she has a surprise for me and she knows that I know but I still pretended I don't know anyway. So...it's quite obvious coz she asked me to bring a swimsuit and asked me something about the services I would like to have if ever we go back to a spa. So, gotcha. :P

On our way up, on the escalator, I still kept on asking her and she still kept on denying so I just blurted it out that "The Spa" is on the last floor since I couldn't take it any longer. Hahaha!

When we got there Mich asked me to get in first and just leave her at the reception to pay. She knows I'm gonna yak away again about spending too much! I did..a lil.

We took a shower first, went to the sauna then proceeded to our private room for some body scrub, massage and royal bath (the package was named Javanese whatever, I forgot). We were in separate jacuzzi so she didn't now what I was doing, when she checked on me she found me playing with the bubbles and my face a lil confused because the whole time I had been trying to find a position where I can sleep without the water pressure making my back super itchy. I failed so I just played with the bubbles. Afterwards we headed to the massage room for our swedish massage where my masseuse tried hard to eliminate the cracking soundr my backbone causes whenever she tries running it over with her hands until it hurt. (but I'm not complaining!). I am the only person who's scared of massages. Haha!

* the robe looks like a monks uniform.

* waiting while drinking ginger tea. Weh.

* their entrance. After spa. :)

We were there for 4 hours and it got me super hungry. So... I just dragged cheeks to Pinoydon. It's a fusion of Japanese-Filipino dishes. Their Manila Maki is super addicting. I don't like their rice though.

* my favorite Manila Maki (nilasing na hipon with japanese mayo and cabbage and garlic). Yum!

* tofu steak (tofu in teriyaki sauce)- P85
* ala pork tonkatsu. * beef salpicao whatever. It would have been perfect if only the rice was not that sticky.

Our next food stop:

* O Kathy alam ko na sasabihin mo. Hahaha!

Afterwards, we went to Eastwood to watch Fast&Furious then went straight home.

I was sooo tired. I passed out 5 seconds after going in my bedroom door.

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  1. ehehe.. tae ka talaga. i was wondering why you were so quiet (kasi ma ingay ka pa din while sa scrub - lamig ba? ;D) so i took a peek. e tuwang tuwa ka talaga sa bubbles and rose petals no? bubble head.


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