Much I Do About Nothing

...last Sunday while waiting for my family (minus my atheist brother) at St. Francis for our regular Sunday service at CCF, Tweets and I decided to pass by Powerbooks in Mega (after buying 2 books from Book Sale). On the table near the entrance I picked up this book “Much I Do About Nothing: Zany Interviews of an Annulment Lawyer with Spouses of Superheroes“ By Atty. Onnie Martin.

I read the first page and I can't put it down. Haha, hilarious. I don't want to shell out P300 for a book (that's why we have Book Sale!) so I decided to just read it in the store (while Mich looked for a book about Thailand). When you get to the middle it gets a little boring and um, flat? Haha. But it's funny I swear I looked like a lunatic laughing there.


Anything goes in the wacky world of the author: crazy spouses of mad superheroes and anti-heores bare their bizarre reasons for wanting to annul/nullify their marriages or for seeking a legal separation. The lawyer who counsels them is just as nuts and ends up getting mired in sticky, inextricable situations with his wild clients.

But in the midst of all the rollicking, side-splitting humor, he manages to provide expert legal information on the Philippine laws that govern the break-up of marriages.

This book is a sequel to the first Much I Do About Nothing that was widely-read and was shortlisted in the 2008 National Book Awards of the Manila Critics Circle that is administered by the National Book Development Board. Both books are products of the author’s out-of-the-box thinking that uses fictional comedy to entertain and painlessly provide accurate legal information on marriage cases.

Much I Do About Nothing – Part Two is available at all National Book Stores, PowerBooks, and other major book stores at P290 per copy.

"- from PhilStar

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