I hate SUMMER, but...

I really do. The heat just automatically activates my allergy buttons everywhere. BUT...*wait for it* (haha)...

I do love my new swimsuit!!! ~~I've been looking everywhere for a nice pair that would not make my boobs look saggy or without me having a very embarassing camel toe. So...... I went to Mega yesterday and was able to buy a nice pair of swimwear at F&H (I was not that hopeful to be honest)! It's white (yeah yeah I know wearing a white bikini bottom is supeer dangerous.. "hello pubes!") but don't fret (just like my sister did) I've already thought of a good action plan for that. :P

Bought a 2 pc. white tankini for only P750. That's a lot of savings for a nice and classy looking bikini. Haha. I wouldn't want to shell out more than a thousand for just that (I'd rather buy a pair of jeans). So there! Just sharing my latest shopping secret.


*warning: this is not me.

(the tankini whole set)
(but will wear it with my black w/ white belt Bayo bikini bottom)

Will I buy the black one? Hehe. I want..grr.

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