Morning Dew

So... here's another chapter of my life. :) Some fresh start, a breath of fresh air, a happier heart. And I think I will be blogging more since I have a lot of activities lined up. Most of them with Cheeks.:)

Tomorrow we'll be going to Potipot. Yey! I also can't wait for our Punta Fuego trip on May 9 (with my family), and of course Thailand. And now I am soo pressured to save. :( Boo. Puro gastos! Haha! I hope my sideline works well para may extra money. And I have to sell more clothes on ebay na!

I have updated my jobstreet, jobsdb and resume last week. I am already looking for new potential employers. Not that I hate working here coz after all Branders do give a nice compensation package (kahit ako na lowest paid dito na overwork pa, boo!) and we can go to work anytime (at night lang ha) so I never get late. BUT, I don't like to work at night anymore. There just comes a point when you've had enough. I have a more challenging work now but sometimes I feel like it's impossible to do all my tasks na. Nakakahilo I swear. Nakakasuka na. Haha. I want a job where I can really interact with people and not just stare at my computer all day. If you can only see how dim my monitor is, graaaaaabe.

Oh well, whatever happens happen. *Hopeful*


Thank you for visiting my humble blog! I read all your comments (even though I don't reply often). So keep them coming! Love to everyone:)