Back and Black

Boo. I know I said I hate summer. And I vowed never to swim under the scorching heat of the sun. EVER. But... the place is just too beautiful and the water's too inviting to ignore. And so..I dove right in and swam from 8-10 am. A record! My usual swimming time is 5:30 pm onwards. Haha. And I don't usually brave the summer sun without an umbrella on hand, a sarong on the other + a buri hat. Haha. But for some reason I learned to trust sunblocks. Cheeks, let's buy a more effective one next time. Pls. So... here's what Potipot Island looks like. Enjoy.:)

* dinner and inuman before lights out.

* pinagbawalan mag yosi kaya nagsindi nlanag ng dahon.

* morning! * blue starfish!
* heat stroke.

* the beach. who wouldn't be tempted. Ngaun negra nako!

* our star gazing place.:)

* uwi na. baduy.

Our Potipot trip costs less than P2K. We took a bus (Victory Liner-Cubao) to Iba for more or less P320. Before hopping on another bus heading to Candelaria, we ate first at Chowking. The trip took 7 hours! So that made my stomach growl to death and I ended up having a super irritating migraine. The bus to Candelaria costs P86. We got to Trinidad Bay Resort at around 5 pm. We rested first, bought some things we still need like water and bowls (we don't have plates!) and other whatevers. At around 6:30 we left Alta Nina resort, got on a banca going to Potipot Island. Even at night the place looks and feels heavenly. So we scouted for a nice spot to camp on. After settling in, we prepared dinner..well, they did. I dragged Mich into the water for some night swimming. Hehe. We finished eating at around 10, finished drinking at around 12, then finally retired at around 1? We woke up at 6am , took pictures and swam at around 8 until 10 am. Our banca came back for us at around 1pm then we left the resort at around 5. We got home almost 3 am na. Shucks.

In summary, it was a nice trip. Where sikat ang imodium, CR's, danggit, sunog na liempo and walang yosi! Boo. Chesca tayo naman next time! Loves!


  1. nyahaha.. kawawa tignan yung nag sindi nalang ng dahon. cge na. isang stick later.

  2. weh! ang sama mo! make it 2 sticks!


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