Stress. De-Stress.

I've been under the influence of stress for quite some time now. Work, Love, Money are the prime suspects. Haha! So last Saturday I decided to treat myself to a revitalizing spa experience. Given that I still have a post-traumatic stress disorder from my experience at Wensha (bloody hands and naked korean women everywhere), I searched (via Google) for a nature spa, since I desperately wanted to get away from here..from the city..from people. I wanted to relax and clear my head.

So, after work last Saturday my "sister" and I went to Callospa in Antipolo. It is kinda far, but still accessible even by public transport. It's near Taytay and Antipolo church. When we got there a wedding photo shoot was taking place. The place is super nice and serene. You can view their facilities and rates here:


We opted for their P650 Affordable Escape spa combination/package + ear candling (since I've always wanted to do that!):

Before we were brought to the little spa house we were given something to eat and some tea. Perfect, 'coz I could already hear my stomach make its weird little noises again. The owner was uber nice and accommodating. We ate at her table, and the crackers with their signature tuna/garlic spread were delicious! Yum! So we bought a bottle of each spread for P200 (super worth it).

Our spa experience started with a relaxing eucalyptus sauna. Unlike in Wensha, the inside smells nice (and no naked koreans sauntering around), and you can wear some undies or swimsuit. After more or less than 15 mins. we were escorted to the steam room and we were served water. Perfect, coz I got out bathing in my own sweat. Then it's jacuzzi time!!! You can choose between 2 jacuzzis, one with rose petals, the other with lemon and eucalyptus leaves, I tried both. I love it.

Then we were asked to take a shower and were given robes and new towels. The ear candling and massage afterwards was sooo relaxing I could just sleep there all day. But I can't, so...

Afterwards, we headed to Leonardo's along Sumulong H-way to eat dinner. For P480, we feasted on sizzling gambas, chicharong bulaklak, and mangga with bagoong. To top it off the overlooking view of Manila by night was magnificent. I got lost in my bubble again. Well, that's before the people with mics singing relentlessly and so off-key, overlapping each other's voice, bursted it. Shit. Haha.

Can't wait to do it again. Maybe next week?

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