Mission Accomplished

I was able to buy a dress for Ariane's wedding yesterday! Yey! I have been trying to find a dress since last week. Last Thursday I went to Galleria, scoured some racks and fitted some dresses there. I found one perfect for me in Karimadon. It's a blue dress, square neck, thin shoulder straps, perfect length with a huge ribbon attached to the left strap. It's priced at P1595, so Mich and I decided to visit other shops first. I was able to find something similar to Vian's orange dress that I wore to Kim's wedding but it was white. And my sister said never wear white in a wedding...unless you're the bride. So...

The next day we went to Megamall (Karimadon also has a branch there anyway) and headed straight to Cinderella. They have a HUGE collection of cocktail and party dresses. I got dizzy of excitement! Haha. Some were on sale, some..well.. super expensive. I tried on 6 dresses priced from P600-P1800! The designs are cute but they only have them in M-L. I have no time to do some major alterations. Besides, my tailor might murder my dress again! (I still love her nonetheless). After an hour I felt my feet die of cramps. Literally. It was horrific! It was my first time (cramps in public SUCKS) and I panicked! It's a good thing Mich was there or else you might read something the next day in the newspaper, "Lady screaming for help in Cinderella over deadly cramps, rushed to the E.R" or something like that. Humiliating. I swear the salesladies were all looking at me. Haha! Mich was semi-sitting on the floor, my foot in her hands while she's trying to bend my toes over to reduce the pain. After 3 seconds of trying to walk again, it's on again. Argh! And to worsen the situation at one time both my feet were having cramps! MALAS!!! So we sat near the shoe section for about 20 minutes. Afterwards, I decided to just abort the dress hunting mission, scared that it might come back anytime. Scary shit. What if I had no one with me that time? (Shudders at the thought)

So yesterday we came back to Megamall. We headed first to Karimadon to check if they have a stock of the blue dress I saw in Galleria. Positive, perfect. So we decided to just come back for it if we fail to find anything nice and way cheaper. So after eating (at Red Kimono 2nd flr atrium, yum yum!) we resumed our dress hunting. We went inside Petit Monde (OA prices naman grabe!), Freeway (they have a cute cocktail dress, see-through net with tiered bottom, cute, available in black and teal, at P1195), Forever 21, Mphosis, etc. etc. After visiting the nth store, I was certain we'd never find anything nicer than the blue dress anymore. So before going back to Karimadon I dragged Mich inside Tomato first to check if they have any bags or blouses on sale. And that's where I found the dress I will wear on Saturday. :) It's in medium so I will have it altered (not something major) but nevertheless it's already perfect. It's a pleated Blue tent dress with a satin ribboned neck, for only P600! That's less than half of the blue dress! I just need a nice belt to go with it, I'm pretty sure I have one at home.

So that's where my dress hunting led. AND now, I have on my mind the nice black weaved bracelet watch I tried on in Regalong Pambahay. Definitely on my shopping list.

Argh, I'm P695 poorer next week.

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