... Believe it or not, I am quite busy. But since I need a break (a long one! puhleez!) I make sure I squeeze some time in to blog. It's my one way of de-stressing. So... I am now busy with work (what else?), we have a project deadline on Feb. 14. And I've found a way not to leave my chair even if I really really feel like pissing. I'm going crazy and blind and I might die of UTI. But just like what my boss told me, "that's why we have Intellicare!" Bummer.

Now, I have gotten out of my ultimate emo state experience. I'm not as fucked up as I was last week. I'm not as angry as I was either. Well, I still am to certain persons. Eer, yuck. Right now my only worry is that I still don't have anything to wear to Ariane's wedding! Argh. Still have 2 days to find something.

Deadlines suck. And so does alarm clocks.

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