Tailor-Made Cavalier

I have been lost for quite sometime now. But suddenly one call, changed everything. One call, and all my best kept emotions rushed all out. How can I leave something behind? When you know you already have the best there is in your hands? Some people might think that I am the only winner in this situation, but that is completely false. I know, maybe not today, SOMEDAY I know I'd have to eventually let something go. Forever haunted by that most famous question, "What if? If only..." . And in this race, either way, I know I'd only find myself beaten and badly bruised. It's inevitable. And it's something I'd have to deal with in the future. Well you win some, you lose some. So they say. And as Vian said, "No voting! There's no election anyway!" Haha. I wish it was that easy... to choose . To live and let go. But it's hard as hell especially when you got the best of both worlds. And as I've said this is the first for me. And I don't have a fucking idea on how to go about this. But for now, I am high with happiness.

I am happy. And I know SOMEHOW I deserve it.

As you said, this is as easy as lovers go. No complaints. No hesitations. Just us.

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