My latest buy: My New-Old Corolla

It's funny how I always say that what I want, I get...in one way or another. My latest rendezvous was when I bought my new-old metallic blue '93 Corolla. It's not an Altis or a luxury car but what can I say, it is a charmer. And it was a great find, thanks to my sisters boyfriend. :P It was because of some sudden turn of events, like the Rihanna-Chris Brown concert, haha! Well, my sister said we would be having a difficult time flagging down cabs, which is true (I experienced that when my cousin and I watched Mariah's concert). So there. My original plan was to share a condo with Aiza. But Algene convinced me to buy a car instead so that I could also fetch her from the airport when she comes home (which would not be happening any time soon). So there again. Voila, my new-old car. BUT, I can't drive. Well, I haven't even tried starting a car's engine. And I don't have a license. I do have a student's license, but guess what? I lost it! Haha! Plus, I am almost certain I would be collecting violation tickets. One way what?! Red light what?! So I am now practicing my best pa-charming sa pulis smile and voice. I would have to improve my acting skills though. Coz I swear I'd only laugh at his face. During one of our car-scouting moments we met up with an owner of a '97 model lancer. The seller asked me if I would like to test drive his car. I just smiled. Then I said, I don't know how to drive. He asked me if I was kiddin', I said no I was not. He laughed. I know, I know it was really unlikely. Haha! So now my car is with my sister's boyfriend. And he drops me off to work every night. Wow ,the car comes with a driver what a bargain! Beh. :P

I should really be getting a license. I just have to go find my fixer soulmate. And I must contact Ken for some hardcore crash course driving lesson. KEN!!!!!! Shit. Stressful.

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