Love-Hate Relationship: HOLIDAY FEVER

So in relation to Aiza's post about Christmas and stuffs, I suddenly had something to write about. Oha! So i've come to a realization... Christmas is fast approaching. Fast as in 80 days nalang ata. Am I right? I still don't have my Christmas list! Well, my sister and I have this habit or what do you call that? aaah..TRADITION (eversince we started working and our gifts slowly came to it's dry season) of giving away Christmas presents to everyone. Cousins, Titas, Grandparents. I know, I know we should start Christmas shopping as early as now, but what can I do?! We do not have time to spare for now. And I want to strangle my sister for buying a plane ticket to Bacolod (with my Mom), so that means I would have to play the role of (sexy-crazy-hot) Santa all by myself! Eeeeek!!! My crystal ball says...I would definitely, definitely, go bankrupt. Well, Christmas was fun...when I was a kid and in my early teens. My favorite present was a set of pollypockets my Tita gave me. I love pollypockets. I lost all of them, but I love them. Haha. And of course, I love those "ampaws"! Tama ba? But then as you grow older you'd notice that the presents decrease each year, until you stop receiving any from relatives since, as they say, you're old enough and you should return the favor. That's when I slightly stopped enjoying Christmas. Haha. Every Christmas we also have this tradition of buying new clothes, we would go to Greenhills (or just about anywhere) and buy several pairs of clothes and jeans enough to last til New Year. There was this one Christmas I swear I changed my outfit every hour. But that stopped too. Well, apparently everyone still remembers and teases me about it. Haha.

So like I said, I don't hate Christmas (I'm no grinch) but I'm not that excited anymore either. It's just that during Christmas (or Christmas season) everyone is required to be happy (as my fave author Zafra would say), and nothing sucks more than that. I smile everytime I pass by Christmas deco stores especially those who sell vintage ones (exactly what I did when I passed by an all Christmas store in Shang), I don't know if that smile is my-- Christmas is supposed to make one feel cozy smile or my "I'm actually sad and this is my only redemption from unhappy people and events smile". I believe it's the latter. Well, Algene is not here and this is our 2nd Christmas away from each other. I am sad. I am also sad (and troubled!) because this is the peak season for holdupers, snatchers and robbers. So, be safe guys! And as December draws nearer peoples level of ka-emohan also rises skyhigh as they sing (in their best emo state) the "Pambansang Awit ng mga Loner sa Pasko" --Pasko na Sinta Ko. What the?! Aiza, para maiba let's sing ths in R&B!!! Hahaha. I don't know who composed these freakin' Christmas songs but I wanna give them an award--for making their songs twice more ma-senti! Shit! But I don't cry over them. Haha. Only alternative songs could ever make me cry :P SO, remember people..you are not required to be happy just because it's Christmas (all over the world tonight---singing the tune in my head). Harhar.

I love Christmas, but it's also a season that sadly reminds me that the only thing that keeps people from ripping each other apart is HYPOCRISY (and this applies not only during this season but all year round). As my fave author Zafra again would say. Say what?!


  1. napatawa moko sa pasko na sinta ko RNB version.. why not? you really brightens my day ais, love you!

  2. hahaha! ikaw din... ur the worst seatmate ever! i hate you more than saddam and hitler! wahahaha. Love you my office sunshine (in a friendly walang kamali2sya way).:P


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