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If you think this is about the bookstore, then you're wrong you could leave now. Anyway, as early as now I already have my sched packed for the weekend. So if you want to go someplace then pls pls pls text me as early as now so I could fix my sched. :) Anyway, last Saturday I met up with some ex-RDS friends (Pats and Kitz I miss you!) to also meet-up with my ex-RDS concessionaire (my fave) Ms. Elsie and Anthony of Angelenes accessories. For a brief background, they are our primary concess for ladies hair, fashion and children's accs. The owner, Ms. Elsie, is so religious that we oftentimes text her to pray for whatever it is we request. When I was still in Rob I asked her to pray for Algene (for her Archi board exams), and despite of Algene's remarks that the exam was hard, she passed. Ms. Elsie and her whole family are friends with Sta. Clara monks that she is allowed to take them out of the monastery or convent to bring them wherever. Cool huh? Well, I guess that explains why they have a flourishing business, earning millions just by selling low-end accessories. Beat that. So anyway, we went to their place somewhere in Masinag to do some catching up, and to EAT. I swear it was a FEAST! Since I can't reach for all the other viands I just settled with what's nearest my plate, menudo forever. Hahaha. Too bad I wasn't able to taste the award-winning pancit bihon and dinuguan. Afterwards, we headed straight to their "kubo" to chill out. Of course, drinking spree na naman with matching videoke pa. I had to down 4 bottles of beer before I gave in and finally held the mic and sang. Oh, the power of alcohol! Well, my longtime childhood crush since birth (oha grabe sa pagka redundant!) was also there. Well, he was my neighbor for about 20+ years now, we even shared the same schoolbus for years, and that Saturday was the first time I ever got to talk to him (common friends, haha). In fairness, fun sha. But for the record, I don't crush him na! Lalo na after this night. Well, one because he was cuter when we were kids (he's not photogenic I swear, ang frankenstein lang nia dito). And after knowing him, I realized he's not in my criteria of ummm "likeable". Eeek. Wahaha. But that's another story... that I choose not to tell. :P Oh and he's (I strongly believe) homophobic, SO he's sooo X'd, crossed out, BOOM! Gone and torn to pieces...in my list.

The next day, Sunday, just yesterday (since its now 5 am and I just got home), I met up with some St. Scho friends. :) And I won't tell why and who coz "it's complicated" haha. But Tetel's with me. And Jeck ampretty mo lang (haha as if mababasa nia to :P). We first met at Jay-jay's in J.Vargas for dinner then headed straight to Astoria to drink (yeah yeah I know, NA NAMAN!). Before we even reach the place, we got caught pa 'coz we passed on a one-way street. So we had to work our charm (Jeck's charm..hay charming ka talaga!) to work our violation out..which we did. Behlat. In Astoria all we did was drink (NA NAMAN!) and take pictures. Haha! Love it. Next weekend, Aiza naman, Pier 6 ulit and some UST friends. Hay life, I love! Here's my favorite artistic shot byt Tetel! Oo na, oo na magaling ka na.:P

* Guess who?! HAHAHAHA. Buti nalang malabo.:P

I love my friends.

"Life..is not made of monumental moments, but of tiny moments where you have to make choices. Choices here..and there, that's life."

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