To make-up or Not to make-up

I love make-ups, especially concealers. I think it's the greatest invention ever made. I put make-up even when I'm just going to the market, at least some powder and a little blush. Just so I would not look like I've just gotten out of a coffin (I fucking hate undereye circles). Well I don't take too much time putting on make-up, that's because I've basically memorized my 5-minute make-up routine that I can even do it with the lights off. So anyway, I always wear make up. Not too heavy but enough to cover my skin imperfections (unfortunately I do have one too). There was this one time I didn't put any make-up going to work since I was in a hurry, and I arrived the same time as my ex-crush Michelle (not you Mich :P). We talked and I had to explain I was not wearing any make-up that's why I look pale and wasted yada yada and before we went our separate workstation ways she said "You look better without it", d kaya!!! But in case, she reads this: Hi Michelle! Miss you and Gretch.:)

* with and without make-up look. WEH!

Oh crap, I have to shampoo my blush brush. Yes I do shampoo my make-up brushes. You have to or else millions of fungi would feast on your face. Yuck.

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